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It has been confirmed. I will be doing a lightning speak at San Fran WordCamp (@wordcampsf) during my USA sojourn. My presentation will be short, sharp and punchy. My mission will be to demonstrate the inner workings of the new upcoming WordPress shop which is running WordPress 3.0 and a 2010 Child Theme.

I’m not sure whether I’ll be speaking on the Saturday or Sunday but stay tuned. I’ll keep you posted.

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Oh and I forgot to mention. Check out the Attendees page:

That page is generated by TikiPres. All the people listed on that page bought tickets without problem. Ok so there were a few kinks early on – like we forgot to make a few form fields mandatory which caused 1 or 2 issues but that said we’re still looking at another 500+ group of people that have used WP e-Commerce Plugin to attend WordCamp…

Hey Dan, can you drop some screen shots of this new ‘Child’ theme for WP e-Commerce? The Attendees page looks awesome!

Hey Dan , that’s great that it all worked. Was that a standard install of the current public version? Or is this a custom-programmed site?

Just thinking that if it is a standard install, it would be good to have a record of the particular combination of context and settings where all works reliably. Which is actually more useful than a buglist, for many of us!

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