Wp-e-Commerce in Your Language

A basic guide to translating wp-e-commerce using poEdit

1. Download and Install poEdit : http://www.poedit.net/download.php
2. Run poEdit and open a translation file (.po) from the `wp-e-commerce/languages` folder
3. Go through the list of words / sentences and add in your translations
4. In poEdit make sure you have the box checked in Preferences>Editor ‘Automatically Save .mo file on save’
5. Save your translation file in the `wp-e-commerce/languages` folder give it a descriptive name ie: wpsc-en_US means english – american, wpsc-fr_FR means french – france (note: your filename must have ‘wpsc-‘ at the start to work)
6. In your wordpress wp-config.php file edit the line that looks like this:
`define (‘WPLANG’, ”);`
with the file name (without extension) inside the second set of quotation marks.
i.e If I saved my mo file as `wpsc-en_BG.mo` then I would change the WPLANG line to:
`define (‘WPLANG’, ‘en_BG’);`
7. Save your wp-config.php
8. Refresh your website in a web browser, your new translations should now be viewable on your site.


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ok, i have a chilean translated version of wordpress so mi wp-config line looks like this `define (‘WPLANG’, ‘es_CL’);`.

you’re suggesting me to change that, but wont i miss my chilean translation if i do that?

sorry for the bad english

Wouldn’t be better if you focus on solving the problems with the latest version of the plugin?
I haven’t read any message that somebody had a complete working version.

@fako,, just looking in the repo I believe there is no es_CL that as been translated,, if you create a translation please let us know and we will add it to the plugin.

@Imar, thanks for your concern but I believe this is part of solving the problems people are having with the latest version,

Thanks for the wonderful plug-in, guys, but I cannot find Russian .po file? I guess, ru_RU translation doesn’t exit yet. So how can I create a translation myself? And, btw, what are those .php files in ‘languages’ folder?

I have set the wp-config.php to (‘WPLANG’, ‘nl_NL’) for the Dutch language and it works, but it does not work good enough.
The admin part is working correct and the frontend almost.

When i go to the page your account it still says:

“Purchase History | Your Details | Your Downloads”
Er zijn nog geen aankopen gedaan.

So the lower part is in Dutch, but the upper part is still English.

Am i doing something wrong?
Please help.


It is a bit annoying but some words are still hardcoded in the php files. I am also doing a dutch store at the moment and some things are hard to find. Just look for the php page of that particular page.

Well, it’s strange, because the words are already translated in Dutch.

For example at “Verify your order” there is a sentense that says:”Oops, there is nothing in your cart.Please visit our shop”
Is already translated in the NL_nl.php file as:”Koop één of meer producten alvorens deze pagina te gebruiken’.

But at my page it’s still in English language.

Any help would realy be appreciated.

@Justmac and @Woytek, we made the original Dutch translation. Now we’re updating and adding new translations we’re running into the same problem. Apparently not all strings to be translated are marked correctly. Some are missing the textdomain resulting in those translations to fail..

Hi Justmac – did you ever manage to fix the translation issue? I purchased a theme (Storefront) to integrate with wp-ecommerce and create an ecommerce site in French – only to hit a brick wall with most of the site showing up in English. v. frustrating.

Спасибо за помощь.
В непереведённой версии конечно-же сложно работать.

тоже ищу… есть кто и Русскоязычных? перевели уже?

Yes, it´s very strange, i have the same problem of justmac!
Any idea how to fix this?

And any suggestion where can i find the place to translate “go to checkout” “your cart is empty” “visit the shop” (the buttons) of a widget?

Thanks in advance

Hi Renato – did you ever manage to fix your wp-ecommerce translations issue? I haven’t and it’s annoying me big time. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

I have the same issue, i use a WP in french, but in wp-commerce i see a French-English Hybrid. If i rename english files for en_EN.bak, i get wanings so i think it dont use well my translation files. I have update the FR_fr.php, does nothing, so i edited the wpsc-fr_FR.po, nothing more. By the way, why there is 2 kinds of files for translation ? and is there a other place for translation ? I’m using version of WP-Commerce. Thank you.

@Simon in french :
Je ne sais pas d’où ça vient mais j’ai le même problème. Le plugin fait un mélange du fichier en_EN et du fichier de la langue courante.
Si tu as trouvé une solution peux-tu me le signaler s’il te plait, je pense faire une traduction complète que je partagerai en ligne (tant qu’a faire).
Mon adresse email : mathieu.lance(@gmail.com)

Almost the same thing in english :
I dont know form where it come but I’ve got the same problem. The plugin does a mix between the en_EN file and the one of the current language.
If someone somewhere has the solution on how to translate correctly this (excellent, by the way) plugin could you tell me please. Because I’m going to translate all the plugin in french (and why not in italian, if I find the motivation).
Here’s my mail adress : mathieu.lance(@gmail.com)

Hi Simon – did you ever manage to fix the translation issue? I purchased a theme (Storefront) to integrate with wp-ecommerce and create an ecommerce site in French – only to hit a brick wall with most of the site showing up in English. v. frustrating.

Same problem as justmac and renato over here…
It Seems like its translating only a view parts

Hi g&g’s, I found out that when you edit already translated items that they will partly be changed in your back-/frontend (Some, not all 🙁 ). I have spent the saturday in translating the german version wpsc-de_DE which you can download here: http://infiltriert.de/it/wordpress/wp-e-commerce-wpsc-de_de-po/ . The speach is “Sie” and products are articles. I think the frontend should be fine now. There is some hardcoding left e.g. Your purchase No …

Hi. Maybe you can send me the german language file? The link is broken … 🙁



I’m translating the Finnish version. I’m stuck with 4 lines on the po file:

– placeholder for:
– Life Number
– Purchase unavailable options
– By %s

Could someone point where these appear? Not sure about the context where they are so hard to translate. Thanks!

Hei Hanna,

Itse aloitin tänään tekemään käännöstä suomen kielelle. Oletko käännösurakassa missä vaiheessa ja oletko ajatellut jakaa valmista käännöstä?

Voisinko olla avuksi? Minä olen vasta alkutekijöissäni (alle 10% käännetty), joten mietin vain, että kannattaako minun jatkaa omalla tahollani vai voisimmeko kenties tehdä yhteistyötä?

Ystävällisin terveisin,

postia voit lähettää: shyytia {ät} gmail . com

How can i add words those aren’t in wpsc file? i mean what r the conditions?
for instance “Financial Year End” isn’t there, how can i have it translated?

I’m upgrading the italian translation.
Would you enclose it in the next release?
May I send you the file?

i;m using the Arabic WordPress. when i change the config file to read ar_AR, the translation changes to Arabic as expected (that’s great), but the whole wordpress changes to English.

Please help


This is also a problem for me. Everything is translated but the frontpage remains in semi english mixing hard coded text with my translation.

If anybody has managed to create a complete translation, will you be so kind to write which files include hardcoded texts and has to be translated the “hard way”

And how can you be registered for the forum, I have tried, but I never get an email with a password, and the forum does not allow me to register at all.

If I click on “checkout” and my cart is empty, the error message displays “Oops, there is nothing in your cart. Please visit our shop”, even though the fr_FR file displays a translation for this:

#: wp-e-commerce/transaction_result_functions.php:316
#, fuzzy
msgid “Oops, there is nothing in your cart.”
msgstr “Il n”a rien dans votre panier”

The same happens for quite a few messages. Any idea how to fix this issue?

Has anyone managed to fix the fr_FR issue? I get a mix of English and French throughout. Any help would be much appreciated. Merci !

Problem partly solved – there is a form field editor within the wp-ecommerce checkout settings – Duh. But there are still occurrences in English here and there that need to be hardcoded it seems.


it is a long time I do not use wp E-Commerce, but as far as I can see, in the last version I just downloaded 3.7.6, there is no wp.config.php file anymore, is that correct?



I’ve now translated into Swedish, it worked oh so fine for me but took a hell of a long time. To save someone else this time, can I post my translation somewhere?

Hej Nils, laddade ned dina filer och ändrade WPLANG som ovan. Men det verkar inte slå igenom. Vad kan det bero på ? Har e-commerce Version 3.7.8 samt wordpress 2.9.1 (har inte hunnit uppdaterat ill 3.1 än). Tacksam för svar !

Tar nu bort min översättning efter att den fungerat sådär. Har f.ö. slutat använda e-commerce.

Ive done a complete translation in spanish of the .mo file. (ill upload and share, just wait for it)

However, after uploading both .po and .mo to the languajes directory in the wp e-commerce directory, and changing the line for `define (‘WPLANG’, ”);` to es_ES, the plugin options are still showing up in english in both the admin panel and the website.

Any idea on what could I be doing wrong?

I disabled the plugin, deleted it, reloaded it, enabled it again, and that seemed to do the trick.
However, there are still some fields appearing in english.

This thing is messing with my mind. I deleted all files and made a fresh install of both wordpress and wp-ecommerce plugin. I am using the app-cloud free theme.

I started a new translation from the pot file using poedit. (from english to spanish)I changed two, and only two, words that appear just in a single instance each trough all the plugin.

Then i refreshed my webpage.

Only ONE word is changed… the other is still in english.

This is very frustrating.

We used to be able to change the embedded text using EN_en.php – is this no longer the case? Do I need to produce an ENGLISH translation .po/.mo file in order to change those now?

From what I can see the strings in the file wpsc-installer.php are not being translated, can anyone see any reason for this??

I spent almost 2 hours searching a solution for the untranslatable english words, The only way that I have found is to translate
the word directly in the database tables. For example to tranlate “Your billing/contact details” of the checkout page, I modified the first entry in wpsc_checkout_forms

I have the same kind of issue.
Quite all of my sentences are translated in french using the wpsc-fr_FR po/mo file.
I currently have only one single issue with the sentence: “Sorry, but there is only %s of this item in stock.”… not translated – don’t know why…
Any thought ?

I got my language pack installed (trying to make wp e-commerce run in spanish) but I can not get a word in spanish, it seems like the file is not working.
Anyone could lend me a hand?

Hi Gotardo,

Michelle here from WPEC, i’m sure this is something I can give you a hand with. Can you confirm that the rest of your WordPress site is running correctly in Spanish?

I have taken a look at the language file for Spanish and it appears to be quite incomplete and untranslated. Are you sure that none of your strings at all are translated? I suspect that it is working however because its so untranslated there are not many translations to show up.

If you would like I can add you as a validator to the Spanish language and you can add the translations and approve them (or just approve the translations that have already been added) Once its all done I can re package the language files for you and your store should be 100% translated.

We can also include this translation in the next release so everyone else gets the updated translations.


Hi ! I’m from Vietnam. I want to translate WP-Ecommerce, How to pack my language plugin ? How long it will take to get your plugin ? Please give me your email, i will to send Vietnamese version. Thanks so much ! God bless You

Hi Daniel,

If you would like to translate the strings I can add you to our translation website as a validator that way you can approve your strings as you translate them.
Once you have approved all the translations I will export the language pack and you can start using ti right away – I will also get included into the next release of the plugin.

Let me know if you would like to start translating I will need the language you want to translate as well as your GetShopped username (If you don’t have a username then you will need to register for GetShopped first)


Hi , i buy this plugin for wordpress but i see 2 error:
– in checkout page i see text in english language and not in italian (but in file wpsc-it_IT.po the translation is true)
– result page after payment with paypal the price total is wrong

I need help for this bug please!

Yes … the design is clearly needed to be changed 🙂
The dark green color would fit perfectly xD

Hi, i am using wp ecommence for first time and I started translating to Greek. However, although i have finished all words, i see some words still in English. What should i do to fix the translation for these words?

Hi Vaggelis,

I have taken a look at the Greek translation, It appears that alot of the strings have been translated but not approved by a validater.

I would be happy to make you a validater so you can approve the strings and translate any that are left. Once you done I would be happy to export the files for you and compile them so you can upload them to your site.

If you would like to do this then could you please email support@instinct.co.nz (include your getshopped username in the email) and I will set this up for you.

You may get an auto response from that email address but ignore that I will ensure someone replies to you personally.


i read (after buying the theme) that quite a lot of the French translation isn’t done/not working, and i’m searching everywhere to translation the remaining words but i can’t find where. The strings are missing on the .po file and i can’t find the right php files to help me either… anyone fixed the French Translation? it’s very frustrating.. 🙁

Hi korinsama,

We are currently working on getting all the languages completed and the strings re audited as we suspect there are some missing. you can translate the french translation here: http://languages.getshopped.org/projects/wp-e-commerce/fr/default I have already created a French validator who is going to approve the new strings there are a few left to be filled out would you like to help get these done? I can make you a validator if you like so you can approve the translations as you go.

If you would like to be a validator then I will need to know your GetShopped username, of course when your finished I would be more than happy to package the files and send them through to you.



I understand that you can add a Romanian version of the plugin for future interested people. I would like to become validator of the version if possible.



As mentioned often before some translated sentences remain in English on the website. I use the Indonesian translation. By updating the po-file I could add some missing sentences, but some still stay in English.

Where in the code can I for example find the sentence “Thank you for purchasing with %shop_name%, any items to be shipped …..” (etc), that is on the “Transaction Results” page?


Hi Erwin,

Understand that this has been mentioned before and we are well aware of the problem. All the strings have been audited for the 3.8.9 release due out soon.
So to sum up the next version should then make every string translatable and I know there are alot of people looking forward to it!


The selected language of WPE is dependent of the selected language of the WP site! 🙁
I prefer to have my WP admin in default english but my frontend pages in local language – it seems not to be possible the way your language setup is implementation.

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