WP e-Commerce Plugin 3.8 sports a new look, super speed and more awesomeness than ever

Is it a bird is it a plane? No! It’s the new WP e-Commerce Plugin 3.8 release hurtling down towards your Plugins directory at the speed of fibre optic light! Its time for you to prepare your /wp-content folder for a super charged faster than a speeding rabbit release that will surely make your very customers happy.

On that note we are very pleased to announce that the worlds best WordPress e-Commerce Plugin has officially launched a new version, the 3.8 release has been in the work for over 12 months and it boasts a number of optimizations and features that will both speed up and enhance your customers online shopping experience!

Major updates

  • Utilizing Custom Post Types for products
  • Utilize custom taxonomy for categories and variations
  • Database optimization
  • Redesigned Tax and Shipping systems
  • New user interface
  • Integrates with WordPress Media Manager
  • Better template integration for WordPress themers
  • New Default Theme – cleaned up the XHTML, and added support for a few new nifty features
  • Optimized for ticketing (Tikipress)

By utilizing Custom Post Types and tight WordPress integration we have shaved off more the half the file size of our download!

The WP e-Commerce 3.8 release has been mostly about optimization and aligning our code and our User Interface with WordPress standards.

Future proofing our software and stabilizing it by utilizing the most up to date WordPress hooks and filters has been our top priority. We have decided that  however we will be doing something better than that, our goal is to foster a Plugin community around e-Commerce functionality so that the WP e-Commerce Plugin stays fast and lightweight.

Future Developments

The 3.9 release will be the start of something special.

It will be fully utilizing Custom Post Types, we still need to convert Currencies and Purchase Logs to Custom Post Types. Coupons have allready been  done and thanks to Scott Basgard and Web Dev Studios – but we’ll be cooking this into 3.9, we’ll be using the WordPress settings API  for managing your e-Commerce settings in the admin, and we are working with the WPML team to ensure that it is the most globalized WordPress e-Commerce Plugin on the Planet.

Did somebody mention Magento? It’s no secret that Magento is probably the worlds most industrial strength non WordPress solution. And with that in mind we have started to lobby the Magento developers to help us make sure that the WP e-Commerce Plugin matches Magento in terms it being feature ready and industrial strength.

On Features

Many features have been talked about in relation to the future of  the WP e-Commerce Plugin. Our primary goal is to provide WordPress developers, and themers a framework upon which they can develop and build upon, we will continue to strive to make the WP e-commerce Plugin as extensible as WordPress and follow in their foot steps.

With that in mind our primary focus around feature specific tasks will be to focus on features critical to running “any” online store.

Over the coming months we will be commissioning Plugins and running Plugin competitions to enhance and extend WP e-Commerce & foster community.


Resources for developers

If you are a developer then this is the Plugin for you. Using Custom Post Types for Products means that with little or no effort you can easily write a Plugin to extend WP e-Commerce.

The developers chat room: irc.freenode.net #wpec-dev
Google Code: code.google.com/p/wp-e-commerce/
Mailing List: http://groups.google.com/group/wordpress-e-commerce-plugin
Trac: http://plugins.trac.wordpress.org/browser/wp-e-commerce/
SVN: http://plugins.svn.wordpress.org/wp-e-commerce/
Documentation: http://docs.getshopped.org

Notes for Themers

We’ve been working on making WP e-Commerce easier to theme, and to kick this all off we have redesigned, and re-engineered the way WP e-Commerce themes work. We have new templates (transaction-results page, and user-log page) and moved away from using the Uploads directory as the ‘safe’ place to store your WP e-Commerce templates, instead your Templates get moved into your active WordPress Theme Directory. Makes sense doesn’t it! The Template Hierarchy for products are a little trickier than your average Custom Post Type, this is because we are trying to accomplish something WordPress natively cannot (allowing our Products Custom Post Type to cater for the majority of WordPress Themes out of the Box) For information about this please visit:


The People behind the 3.8 release

The number of people behind this release have been massive. We have had people from all around the world contribute code changes and patchses, people have provided us with translations for numerous different languages, and of course the core team which ever grows and changes has been largely responsible for the past 15 months worth of development.

We’d like to thank Justin Sainton, Valentinas Bakaitis, Michelle Allen, James Collins, Ben Huson, Lee Willis, Nuno Morgadinho , Zapper, John Beals, John Ford, John James Jacoby, Scott Baskard, Brad Williams, Shayne Sanderson, Ryan Duff, John Hawkins, dglingren, Analog Rhythms, DD32, Paul Gibbs, Matthew Gerring, Ryan Helleyer,  Anthony Cole, Gary Cao, Michael Visser, Roy Ho, Advark, Hanna, Cameron Grant, Jeffry Ghazally and to all the others who have contributed to the WP e-Commerce Plugin.

Documentation Project

To help you get started we’ve put together a documentation website which is available on docs.getshopped.org, not only is it packed full of information but it also utilizes the new WP Wiki Plugin – and as such with wiki functionality it is our hope that our community will help us fill in the gaps over the coming weeks and months.

Translating WP e-Commerce Plugin

We’re proud to say that we’re using GlotPress for translating the WP e-Commerce Plugin. If you are interested in contributing but you are not a developer or a themer then writing or contributing to a language file would be a great way to contribute. For more information check out our GlotPress site.

3.8 Known Issues

404 issues – because of the way WordPress handles permalinks for Custom Post Types we have to ask you to reset your permalinks “twice”. This is a known issue and we hope to resolve it as soon as possible – either that or we hope to see better Custom Post Type permalink functionality in future versions of WordPress.

To get a feel for what is coming in the upcoming 3.8.1 release which will follow the read the pending tasks on our google code site.


The WP e-Commerce 3.8 Plugin Competition – iPad2

The  idea behind the competition is to foster more development on the Words best WP e-Commerce Plugin.

The goal for you is to create a new Plugin that extends WP e-Commerce Plugin by utilizing Custom Post Types – when you think about it now any of the millions of Plugins designed to extend your WordPress Posts will now either work out of the box with WP e-Commerce, or you’ll be able to modify a Plugin with very little effort to extend WP e-Commerce.

The Plugin that we feel benefits people selling products online the most will win a new iPad 2.

We conclude. You download.

Of course as always we recommend you :

1. Backup your Files and Database in case anything goes wrong

2. Try it on your staging (test) server first to see if you like it

Let me at it!!!

Download WP e-Commerce Plugin 3.8 ?

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Woop! This is super awesome news!

Well done everyone this version is going to be the best one yet!
Can’t wait to see what the future holds for wp-e-commerce 3.9!

Nicely done! Mega props to Dan, Jeff, Vales, Mychelle and everyone involved on the project – best e-commerce solution for WP, by a million miles, now 🙂 Now that we’re using custom post types like crazy, I’m excited to see the plugin ecosystem spring up around this in an incredible way!

Hmm we just checked and WP e-Commerce want even activated on Justins site – which would explain there being no products on the products page.

I thought that initially too, however the SVN repo has real changes in it and WordPress.org extend shows 3.8 as the stable release 🙂

The download link works.. No 1st April pranks 😉 Awesome!! Looking forward to upgrade to this version..

Shot guys, the slow but steady kiwi wins the race. Moving forward could I suggest a feature freeze until all bugs are fixed. I know on previous versions there were some quite crucial bugs that didn’t get ironed out while new features were being released.

We’re one step ahead of you mate. Our whole methodology and way of doing business has changed quite significantly in the last year. We’ve learnt A LOT about running an open source project too and we feel the systems we’ve put in place will be enough to ensure the longevity of our project and the happiness of people using our product, making a living online 🙂

If you take a look at our Google Code site then you will see we are doing things strictly by the book:

Update: Regarding the Plugin / Theme competition. We’ll be posting details about this separately sometime next week. That said if you want to start mucking around with a Plugin or a Theme now in anticipation of the launch then please go for gold!!

Hello Dan, I look on all forums I did’t find how to fix may problem, I want to update for the new version (I have Gold cart, Member, fedex plugin), but the problem I have, the update don’t support 5,500 products how can I update, I really like this plugin but I need a little hand, please you know how hard and time you need to put 5,000 products, thanks.

Congratulations Team WPEC – especially on the date of the release wink wink

Thanks for all your hard work – certainly come a long way 🙂

No doubt a few beers down will be consumed….

Amazing. This is going to really change things in the open-source e-commerce realm. I’m pumped to implement this and start working with 3.8!

And we’re pumped!! Looking forward to having you coming along for the ride 🙂

Any one can tell me how to upgrade for the new e-commerce I have more than 5,000 products and the plugin it’s just stuck, and almost ruin all my products, thanks.

Hi Juan, make sure you’ve set up a staging site to ensure you don’t brick your live site on the off chance the upgrade doesn’t work for you… 🙂

Hi Juan,

In all likelihood, it didn’t ruin anything. Experienced an issue with Martin where the database update notice simply didn’t show. If no products are showing, try going under Dashboard and clicking on Store Update and run the updater.

Ok, I already did what you say, the program already update 1960 product but now is stuck, and also I refresh every time, still the same, any idea, thanks.

This is what I got:
Updating Categories…
Updating Variations…
Updating Products…
Updating Child Products…
Updating Product Files…
Updating Database…Could not run query: MySQL server has gone away

This problem also:
Updating Categories…
Updating Variations…
Updating Products…
Fatal error: Out of memory (allocated 64749568) (tried to allocate 35 bytes) in /home/walkingb/public_html/wp-includes/post.php on line 1602

Awesome! been holding off on a few sites waiting for this one to drop. Good work guys, keeps getting better and better.

Can’t wait to have a tootu

Hey guys, can’t seem to find any info on activating the Gold Cart stuff… I’ve got 3 API keys I bought on the old Instinct site and I don’t have any idea how to activate it using 3.8. I looked through the docs and didn’t see anything. Also, I cannot pull up my old purchases on the Premium Plugins download section…. I’m fine with buying another license if I know it will work….

Hi Boxware,

Feel free to email myself (office at zaowebdesign dot com) or Michelle (michelle at instinct dot co dot nz). We’ll help you get to the bottom of this – needless to say, we and the vast majority of upgrades are not experiencing this. Hopefully it’s just a consistent server configuration issue 🙂

Hm, it is ruïning my site: all the products are gone, and no solution elsewhere… Making a quick move to the old version

Hi Martin,

Feel free to email myself (office at zaowebdesign dot com) or Michelle (michelle at instinct dot co dot nz). We’ll help you get to the bottom of this – needless to say, we and the vast majority of upgrades are not experiencing this. Sounds like it may be an issue of simply needing to update the database, a notice should be showing. Like I said, shoot one of us an email, we’re happy to help.

Im trying ot update my database but it keeps getting stuck. Ive tried refreshing it like it said but it is still stuck. I have around 850 products, not sure if thats an issue or not.

I have the same problem, just install the old version if you want this working again.

I followed the upgrade but for the life of me the old shortcodes don’t work. Did the shortcodes change? Also… on the old version there was a small “i” info link that when clicked on would show the shortcodes… was that feature removed?

I had to put the old plugin back on line in the interim…. I am sure its something I did not do right during installation. Seems “Store” settings is now under Settings and “Product” instead of “Store” shows on the admin side bar. Any additional info on shortcodes would be appreciated.

Hi John,

I would try the tiny MCE shortcode box on the add post and pages – this will generate the shortcodes for you and you can replicate them through your store to over write the old ones.

What shortcodes are you talking about do they relate to products or categories?

The little i with short code information was removed however for all categories you can see their shortcodes if you edit that category for products I would use the editer box.


Hi there,

I had a question about the new 3.8 plugin. Iinstalled it yesterday and it works.
But…..in the earlier version, there was a section where you could check the pending orders
and i could receive emails when a order was succesful. How can i get that back? or what can i do to fix that?

Hi Julian,

The sales log is still there but has moved to a new menu posistion – Under the main Dashboard setting you will see a link called store sales

The store settings pages have also moved to a new menu location under your WordPress settings tab.


Awesome, glad to see this release! I want to sign into the support forum and start working with it and getting help and helping others but for the life of me no matter what I do, I can’t get the site to send ANY email, to any email addresses of mine! How do I get signed into the support forum? Thanks!

Are you saying that you can’t get your WP e-Commerce install on your server to send emails to your customers? That would be unusual – because we basically piggy back of the WordPress code that sends sign up / registration emails etc. Its possible that it is your server not sending emails properly.

email me your user name and email address (michelle at instinct dot co dot nz) I will reset your password for you and email it to your directly – you can then login and change it.


Great work on the update, but there seems to be a problem that it breaks gantry templates from rockettheme everything worked fine before

Hi Stephen,

Quite a few of the old themes are not supported yet – hopefully soon there will be lots of new shop themes and all the old ones will also do an update so everyone can use the latest products.

glade the upgrades went well though!

Really looking forward to this new 3.8, but when i installed, the home page came up, then this error (below)on every page i tried. Not being the most technical person around, I have now destryoed my wifes site. HELP!!!!

Showing 1 to 0 of
Fatal error: Call to undefined function wpsc_total_product_count() in /home/littlebu/public_html/wp-content/themes/headway-208/wpsc-products_page.php on line 75

Hi linden,

Sounds like a problem with your theme not been 3.8 compliant (I have seen this a bit) If you email me – michelle at instinct dot co dot nz I will help you resolve this – I will probably need some wp-admin and ftp access.


I got the same error message as Linden, then I thrashed around and changed everything I could think of and now my site is completely wrecked, even in 2010. AND wpec won’t even activate for me; I get a 500 Internal Server Error.

I don’t want to go backwards; I really want to move forwards with this new version — the new version looks great.

What can I do?

We’ll look into this one today. One of the team here will be in touch today and request your FTP + WP Admin access then we’ll be able to post a fix for this online.

Has there been any response in regards to the havoc this final release has played on numerous sites? In my case when activated it stops my main WP theme’s style.css from running. Disabled the plugin until there are resolutions.

Hey there. Sorry you’re experiencing theme issues. This is why we have been running beta versions for months – so people can test WPEC on their test sites before release. We don’t even know what theme you are using. Please tell us what theme and what version and we’ll do what we can to help 🙂

Hi Dan,

My issues isn’t as dire as some others since it was a complete fresh install of 3.8 and deactivating it makes my theme styles work again but it’s happening on any WordPress theme I use. My current theme which I created, and even when switching to the default Twenty 10 WordPress theme.

Right now I activated the Twenty 10 theme to use as an example so if you load: http://www.designfox.co you can see that it’s not recognizing the theme’s style (I have tested this on about 3 or 4 random themes and it happens for all of them)

I take it back. I just figured out what is happening. I should have thought of this earlier but didn’t. Doh!

I had the plugin WP Minify enabled and as soon as you activate that with 3.8 it causes havoc with styles.

How can I update 5500 products, I already double memory time and php memory and still the same error, is any way posible to download the products, and upload with the new e-commerce, thanks.

I think Jeff and Vales were talking about a solution for time out problems.

If we did an ajax loading bar for our updating scripts, the same kinda thing that the regenerate thumbnail plugin does, then could we mitigate this issue entirely?

Jeff / Vales / Justin / Michelle / Gary – anybody got any thoughts on this? If its even possible then it’d be great to see this make it into a 3.8.1 or 3.8.2 fix!!

Either that, or an iFrame. But I don’t think it would eradicate the problem completely. Perhaps we should have a look at how WordPress core itself handles an upgrade.

Nice to see you again Chuck. We’re doing the best we can with what we’ve got – and we’ve got a pretty amazing team of developers these days!!

We’re about to launch a new site too, which you’ll be pleased to hear, has a little bit of real-estate dedicated to PCI as well. Man I can’t wait to push the button on our new site!!!!


Hi, how do you do manual payments, bank transfer payments with this plugin? Is it Test Gateway? I tried using the “Test Gateway” and added the instructions, since I don’t see a “Manual Payment” Option. After I configured, I tried ordering.

When I click “Make Purchase” it just keeps on redirecting me back to the check out page… Not sure if that is how it is suppose to be.


I have 2 sites using the e-Commerce Plugin and now that I’ve upgraded I can’t get anything pertaining to the shipping to work correctly no matter what I do. I admit I’m a novice at this website stuff, but it seemed fairly easy when I first started this process. I love the new look for adding products and such, but I really need this functionality to work properly. I’ve tried to e-mail and call for help, but never get a response and can’t find anything on the forums. Help, please!!

I have upgraded to the new version and have the Gold Cart extension and my product images are now messed up. They are now blurry on the individual product pages and come up in the lightbox at about 10×10 pixels. You can see an example here: http://gokulokohawaii.com/our-store/retail/kuloko-card I also cannot get an image to load in the content box on the backend. I can add them under Manage Product Images, but not directly into the content box where I create the product description.

Any help is greatly appreciated! Thanks!

too many bugs and incompatibilities (ie. smart manager) to be considered stable… Best solution for me is to bomb and go back to 3.7.8… where is the DL link for 3.7.8? ooffff… very frustrating.

Anybody else scared to run and update. I have simplecart theme.Version Version 3.7.7 and goldcart 2.7. I think I have to to updates before big update. Looks cool and all but….oh boy…

I ran away from the product, every time I post to tell people to use something else that works and has support, it gets taken off the site… Nice to be an admin on this site, the only thing that appears to be supported is the forum posts. This product is Crap….. RUN FOR THE HILLS.

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