WP e-Commerce Plugin hits 1M+ downloads

The WP e-Commerce Plugin has hit another significant download milestone. We hit the 1M download mark on WordPress extend!
I  want to thank all of our users and supporters from over the years. It has been a crazy journey, here are some of the little gems that  I think about when I look back;
  1. Blogging on Mind of Mufasa. My first Blog. You really don’t need to go there. That was a lot of fun and got us into using WordPress for our clients…
  2. A long time ago, sometime after I stopped regularly blogging, we launched the worlds first e-Commerce Plugin. Before the WP e-Commerce Plugin was released, if people wanted to sell online, then they probably had to use OScommerce or ZenCart…
  3. It was a crazy couple of years, we had to learn about the GPL, how to not run an Open Source project, and we had to learn to become a business that makes Plugins for the WP community as opposed to being a business that worked for clients…
  4. I travelled to my first WordCamp in Sydney 2008, there I met my tribe for the first time (you guys! fellow WordPress users, developers and geeks) and it was amazing. I met Jeff Waugh who taught us “ignore the vocal minority” and I got to hang out with Jane and Matt who were both very pleased…
  5. When we released our Plugin under the GPL at the WordCamp. It was a great leap of faith that has been nothing but beneficial to our business and to our community, the more we give away the more we receive in return…
  6. Now we’re a lot more savvy when it comes to running an Open Source Project. We love the GPL and we help foster an amazing e-Commerce Plugin community with contributors from all around the world…
  7. We got some investment from a Japanese firm that wants us to help them launch WP e-Commerce Plugin into South East Asia and thus also help WordPress become more accepted into the Japanese market…
  8. Since then I have gone to numerous WordCamp’s around the world and I get to evangelize WordPress and hang out with like minded folk…
  9. And now we officially hit the 1 Million download mark on wp.org
  10. To be continued
We’re here to stay!!
Thanks again everybody!!
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Come on! That’s so freaking awesome! Mega props to Dan, Thomas, Jeff, Vales, Michelle and the whole WPEC crew, past, present and future. That’s a phenomenal milestone to hit and I can say it’s truly been an honor and privilege playing a small role in the core development of this product. Long live WPEC!

Congratulations! Gotta love those Word Camps (especially when there’s an open bar)!

I hope this serves as an example for everyone on the fence about whether to open source their work or not. When you go open source, you create wealth for everyone, and you definitely still get paid. Everyone wins!

Congratulations guys!

How many downloads do you think there were before you put the plugin on wp.org extend?

Perhaps we should be placing bets for when the 2 million downloads mark will be reached? 😉


There were at least 400K before we moved to WordPress extend. But who’s counting 😉
Also… I’ve got an unfinished email here with your name on it mate 😛

My bet is that it will hit 2M in August 2011. 3.8 is around the corner, e-commerce using WP is hotting up, and if WPeC team continues the way it’s going, 2M is not far away.

Congratulations and cheers to the success!


WOW Congrats guys wish I could say I had 1 million in hits to one of my websites let alone to get 1 million downloads on a product, thats crazy good! Keep up the good work…

Wow.. Guys, that is an awesome job! Hope the final release of goupon deal plug-in will bring you the 2M, that you deserve!

We’re probably one of the older Plugins too – although I’m not going to brag about that. I’m kicking myself that we didn’t move to WP extend before we did!!

Well done Dan, Thomas, Jeff, Vales, Michelle and the whole WPEC not so human brain crew (pretty Hi-IQ). Congrats! and let’s make it 1B+ downloads(let’s keep downloading-joke).

I’m pretty skeptical with 3.8 at first, but now WOW! you guyz really rock! Now it’s fast and easy to do things using available wp filters and actions.

Congrats! congrats! congrats!………. and well done. and most importantly THANK YOU.

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