WP e-Commerce RC4

Two weeks have passed since RC3. We are slowing down the pace and getting ready for stable. This will be the last RC and we will be pushing stable in next week or two.

Changes that were made since RC3:

  • Tax fixes for per product tax
  • Shipping same as billing fixes
  • Code cleanup
  • Translations now are loaded before we try to access them
  • Secured debugging page
  • Fixed pagination in category pages when products page is set as home page
  • Stock control fixes
  • Added AJAX indicator when changing sale status
  • Added filters for packing slip and emails sent to customer
  • Fixes for features products
  • Fixed upgrade process
  • Fixed multiple downloads

You can find complete list of changes in trac.

Thanks to all our testers and contributors and as always:

  • Backup Your Database
  • Backup your files
  • Setup your development server (not live ๐Ÿ˜‰ )
  • Download the RC4
  • And test test test!
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“Translations now are loaded before we try to access them” does that mean it is possible to run a multilang webshop already?

It was always possible. This change particularly means that before RC4 translations were loaded after accessing some strings, and therefore these strings couldn’t be localized. Now translations are loaded on time before we try to access them so shop can be fully localized.

How easy will it be for theme’s and things like that to upgrade from 3.7.8? and how transferrable will products be, automatic or will it require a manual re-up of the products)

I am currently coding a site which has to be ready for the 15th april, not sure whether i should build with this and wait for the stable or continue with 3.7.8 and then have to rebuild with 3.8?

really looking forward to this!


No, we are using custom taxonomy so no groups, but you can achieve the same effect with hierarchical categories.

Tax will be calculated still wrong! ๐Ÿ™
For example:

1 article CHF 9.95 inclusive 8% Tax
+ Shipping CHF 9.00 inclusiv 8% Tax
Total incl. Tax = 18.95
Tax correct is = 1.41 —> Formula: 18.95 – (18.95 * 100 / 108)

e-commerce calculated = 1.46! is wronk!!


It’s actually 1.4037 so it will be 1.40 (or no?)
I just fixed that, thanks for report.


There is a bug in the tax module, The calculation of tax on shipping is wrong.

Exampel: I set 25% tax and turn on tax on shipping.

Product includes tax, product price is 100 NOK
Shipping cost is 100 NOK
Tax is set to 25%

WP-ecommerce TAX calculation shows: 45 NOK, Eg 20 NOK from the product and strangly 25 NOK from the shipping.

I think i have found the problem but i dont know how to fix it.

The problem is that WP-Ecommerce calculates the tax correct on the product. In this exampel the tax for product is is 20 NOK. So far so good. But when the tax on shipping calculates it multiplies the shipping cost with 25% tax and the adds this to the the products tax.

The correct calculation should be. For product: 100X0,2=20 and for shipping 100X0,25=25.

Results: 20+20=40 NOK in total tax.

WP E-commerce is doing this today: Product price 100X0,2=20 Shipping 100X1,25

Perhaps anyone can fix this problem if we can get an opportunity to set price on shipping without tax, and it show with tax on the the Chart.

You’re a legend Valentinas! I’ve been waiting for that fix for ages. The only problem now is that it doesn’t display the correct tax amount in the transaction results or in the purchase history. I’m guessing a similar edit is required somewhere else?

displays: <ul class=”wpsc_categories wpsc_second_level_categories”></ul>

“wpscโ€ body classes are missed when you remove 3.7.8 ver. and install 3.8 without removing mysql tables created previously.

Wouldn’t be neat if a customer could re-order a previous order when looking at his order history with a click or two? I have a lot of returning customers. It would also be neat if you could have customers log-in within the check out page and they could also register within the check out page, without leaving the check out page or if they do leave the check out page to register they would return to the check out page. Perhaps I’m dreaming but if you could make that happen I will shed a tear….

1) agreed repeat purchasing would be cool – plugin anybody?
2) people can already sign up on the checkout page (this will only get better)

There is a permalink problem which also was in 3.8. The permalinks of the shop or the wordpress does not work, so that you get alot of 404`s. Sometimes it works but you never no when it will not.

Have you saved permalinks twice? There’s a warning on permalinks page that says to do so. The reason why you need to do so is more WordPress core issue, because WordPress treats custom post types and custom taxonomies a little bit different than regular ones. We hope to solve this for next version though (3.9).

Unless somebody with more knowledge around WP permalinks + Custom Post Types can figure it out any sooner for us? These issues are more annoying then anything else.

We’ll definitely be very vocal about this so that all shop owners are aware of this issue with WordPress and our Custom Post Type implementation. Tomorrow I’ll chat to the guys about displaying important notices to admins after they upgrade…

We have saved them twice as Valentinas said but it is not helping. We figured out that nothing has changed in the htaccess file but publishing the htaccess some times after having the problem solves the problem for a while. But i think this is not the way it should be :-). It seems that the wpsc overvrites something somewhere but we did not find out where. After reading some of the post we changed the htaccess by writing the #Begin WordPress below, but that also did not help. I think the htaccess is not the problem. When we set back the permalinks to id ometimes the wp works agin but she shop does not and the otherway round when switching back to $postname$. Any Ideas?

Fabian, the permalinks should be %postname%, not $postname$. Can you check whether this is an issue?

Sorry my fault, I took the wrong key to type it in here. but the correct one in our wp installation. We used %postname% at our installation. So failiure still not found. We have switched back everything to idยดs. Everything is working at the moment but thats ofcourse not the way we wanted it to have especialy because of seo.

Is your shop in default products-page or in some other page? That might be an issue.

At least for me it’s a bit odd that when I add a sub category under parent category it doesn’t link properly under parent category. In the admin side it shows that sub category is under parent category. But on the front side the address is products-page/parent_category and products-page/sub_category instead of products-page/parent_category/sub_category. For me it would be logical to have those sub categories under the parent category. Also if I want to have the shop to be placed on some other page than products-page it works until I click some category. After that the url is products-page/category-name instead of my-shop-page/category-name. Are these designed features or bugs?

Regarding hierarchical permalinks: full hierarchical permalinks should be introduced in future versions. In this version we were unable to properly create them, so it’s only last_category_slug/product_slug.

Looks like its not possible to use a own Page Template? I copied my index.php and changed the name of it, but i will not show.

Fatal error: Call to a member function have_posts() on a non-object in /home/huigvdwaal/domains/example.com/public_html/wp-includes/query.php on line 734

There is special box in Settings->Store->Presentation settings that lets you move files to template dir and then you can edit them, take a look at it, I think it’s what you looking for.

I have gotten this error before as well, but only when trying to “preview” the page. Works fine if I go directly to the page url.

I have noticed that the “productspage” and several other shortcodes don’t appear to work in wordpress multi site. I use multi site for development, so it’s an annoyance, but still. Have any of you tried 3.8 in multi site?

WordPress 3.1 MS
WP-Ecommerce 3.8 Rc4

multisite is not 100% supported just yet. subdomain setup (for example site1.example.com site2.example.com, etc) should work, but subdirectory setup will not work. We are planing to add better multisite support in next versions.

Mines running perfectly. I am running WordPress Multisite 3.1 and WP e-Commerce RC4.
I use Sub Directories and it IS the recommended way. Its not recommended to run Sub Domains.

I just wish there was some decent documentation (or should I say references). Trying to modify some template stuff and having to very slowly find something else that’s doing it and steal the code.

In the Store settings / Presentation, I can choose how to show the products (bay date, drag& drop). If I choose by drag & drop- Where can I do that? Also I recognised that in the wuick edit view of the Products the publishing date is missing. That is realy uncofortable if I want to sort them.

Interesting also that if I choose drag & drop the complete option to view the products in backend does not work anymore, For example to show limited object per page

That’s a feature. Supposed to list all products and then you can order them. But it’s not very WordPressy way to do it IMO. This will probably change in next versions as we move to more standart way of doing things (something like WordPress does for Posts or Pages).

quick questions:
– i see you guys recommend going for the RC4 when developing new sites. since i have a similar deadline as most of the others here (early april), do you guys think that 3.8 final gets a release sometime in april?
– about internationalization: since support for hungarian in 3.7 is sketchy at best (no, actually, forget that, apart from a few items which are mostly mistranslated, almost everything is in english), i thought about creating a complete translation package. now, i guess doing that for the 3.7 branch would be pretty useless now that 3.8 is nigh. the real question is: are you aware of anyone already translating 3.8 to hungarian? if not, i’d do it.

ah-ha! well, that’s nice, but can i check out the translation from the glotpress site to test it “live” on a devel install of wpec 3.8? if not, i’d rather get the 3.8RC4 from SVN and work on the .po file with POEdit, and then check back the .po/.mo file when i’m done. what do you think would be the best option?

…aaaalso, i’d need to get a user name for glotpress, and i’ll be damned if i can find a registration form anywhere either on the main glotpress site or here. ๐Ÿ˜€

it’s the same as your getshopped username/passsw. if you want to be able to import translations – let me know (email v@instinct.co.nz or go to forums, theres whole section dedicated to translations) what language you want to import and I will promote you to validators or give you the contacts of existing validators.

I’m using this new version 3.8 RC4, and the translation work fine on a single WP install – but when trying to use it on a Multisite installation, the language is set to standard english. Even though the Multisite installation is using another language (in this setup its the danish translation).

Have others experienced that issue – is it a bug, or me that needs to setup something before Multisite will be working with danish language ?

Brian, multisite is not 100% supported just now, so I don’t really know the answer to your question. But if you find reason why it’s not working – let us know and we will make sure that it’s fixed in next version!

just a quick bug/weirdness list from a day’s use, so far:
system: modified XAMPP, WP3.1 mainstay, no MS, using pretty links, using a theme derived from thematic, used plugins: All-in-one-SEO, AddToAny, WordPress Importer, using a Find us on facebook simple HTML widget
– had a previous install of WPEC (3.7 latest). i removed the files (through plugin uninstall) and the tables from mysql, but not the options from the WP options table
– installed WPEC 3.8RC4, and alongside wpsc-simple-shipping
– pretty links was turned on before WPEC installation.
(all subsequent bug reports will refer to this system unless stated otherwise)

the bugs/weird things/not quite nice(tm) things:

BUG: adding a product category on the product edit page : category parent is not set even though requested on the form (incorrect read of ajax input?)

BUG: product category pages show in meta title the last visited product in that category and not category name as expected

ISSUE: when installing, and using any of the “pretty links” options, they must be regenerated. if not, all page links get processed by wpec. turning pretty links off (saving twice) and then on again (saving twice) seems to have fixed the issue.

BUG: wpsc-default.css has fixed width in #single_product_page_container and width:100% in #default_product_page_container . this is a really bad idea, it screws up existing designs. (using default view)

ISSUE: in general, html generated by wpec is slightly cluttery. will see if i can come up with a better implementation in a custom theme.

WEIRD (but it was weird before): the “more info” slot is plaintext only (ie. doesn’t have the tinymce editor), whereas common sense dictates that the “more info” part is the one that is supposed to hold a lot of fancy info (tables, links to product manuals etc). both should have tinymce editor (or is it something that’s available in the gold cart only?), or these two fields should be switched in display.

ISSUE: product categories widget creates some very weird html. since it’s a widget that’s supposed to display something resembling a hierarchical list (best represented by ul’s within ul’s) wouldn’t a simple nested UL be enough? with some nifty JS it could be made collapsible, also, it would be so much easier to style with css. (weirdness: the UL containers also WOBBLE on hover! what the frak? i never asked them to wobble.)

this is it so far. i would have written in a forum instead of a blogentry talkback but sadly your site swallowed up my registration (the password never arrived, mwah, mwah).

Pretty permalinks are a bit unstable but should work just fine when saved twice

I have added the add-category issue to our bugtracker. Will be fixed for 3.8.1

CSS will be fixed in future versions. For now you can move it to your theme directory and edit it to suit your needs

Yep, HTML is not perfect but we are working on it ๐Ÿ™‚

We’ll have that in mind. Maybe we should consider different approach, something like WordPress “more” tag?

Categories widget works fine for me (twentyten theme). Probably a theme css issue, can you check that?

Thanks for all feedback, much appreciated ๐Ÿ™‚

ok, i’ll create a Plain “subtheme” that’s going to use no images (apart from product images, of course), the “more info” will be only visible on full product page display, and everything will be up to the styling css. also, it will have much more plain and simple html, and it will be much easier to test things out.

but, this bug: “BUG: product category pages show in meta title the last visited product in that category and not category name as expected” is much more serious, it effectively renders the webshop unusable at this point. could you look into this matter, or am i just setting something wrong?

i’ll try registering to this site once more (my previous reg attempt was swallowed up) so i could start translating into hungarian.

BUG: fixed rate shipping prices don’t show up until country selection. since they are fixed rates they should, shouldn’t they? (maybe a bug in wpsc-simple-shipping?)

ISSUE: there is no offline payment method by default. activating the Test gateway seems to achieve the desired result. shouldn’t there be simple “Cash on Delivery” and “Pay at shop” payment methods by default, instead of Test gateway? (misleading title)

Fixed rate calculates shipping according to location, so base location should be set (I think it’s not an issue on a fresh install).
You are right about manual gateway, we should call it like that (probably will change that in next version).

I think more important wpould be that if you change it to cash by delivery the payment is automaticly accepted in the backend and the confirmation mail is send out. Otherwise you have to do it manualy every time which make no sence if cash by delivery is selcted

BUG: Shortcodes aren’t working in single product page descriptions.


wpsc_single-product.php line 49



BUG: Shortcodes aren’t working in single product page descriptions.


wpsc_single-product.php line 49

<?php echo wpsc_the_product_description(); ?>

<?php echo do_shortcode(wpsc_the_product_description()); ?>

This still isn’t working for me. I did just as you put and it’s just showing the text of the shortcode in the product description. Anything else I should be checking?


We have an issue with variations where the product shows Price: from ยฃ10.00

It would appear that it shows the highest priced variation rather than the lowest price variation. It should show price from ยฃ2.50.

I’m trying to find a way to have a tiered shop structure where the parent category is at the top. Going into this category will show the child categories and then going into these will show the products. Is this possible to do with the current release?

We have problams with the jquery of the cart . Sometimes the refresh works directly and sometimes it does only refreshing after visiting another page. Some ideas?

We found out that the refreshing does not work when it is a product with variations. With products which have no variations it works well

Should we report 3.8 RC4 Issues/Bugs here or is there a trac we should submit in? We have found a problem with the authorize.net payment module when used with RC4. We have a fix in place for now but should go into final release.

I don’t know if this is known or not, but testing on RC4 and found a small problem that I’m not sure if it’s known or unable to be worked around.

When using Paypal, and checking out. If tax was calculated on the sale it’s added to the shipping cost, tax remains $0.00 when looking at the paypal overview and the shipping is increased by the tax amount.

Nothing huge, but customers do get confused and worried pretty easy.

Awesome work everyone! Just a couple of comments:

1) How to display prices / amounts without decimal? I’m in Japan – Yen has no decimal!
2) What do recommend for multi-lingual at this point? WPML or QTranslate? I’ll probably assign my staff to go in and hammer on the Japanese translation, btw.

Thanks again!

i cant get my category description and category image to be displayed in the products page.i have tried everything. is anyone having this issue?

Having issues with tax settings – Have set up tax for Australia – 10% for GST based on billing country. Prices are tax inclusive (required in AU)
Australian customers see the tax and looks OK (haven’t checked tax on shipping at this stage) but when a customer from outside Australia purchases (i.e. the billing country does not equal Australia), the tax portion should be removed from the pricing.
Can anyone help with this?

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