WP E-Commerce sales information in your pocket

Today we’re happy to announce Piggy™, a new premium WordPress plugin by BraveNewCode, creators of WPtouch, which adds mobile web-app access to your WP E-Commerce sales information on the go. Piggy puts real-time sales data from WP E-Commerce in your pocket.

iOS and Android

Piggy works and looks great on iOS and Android devices. Its gorgeous, sharp interface also fully supports the iPhone 4’s rich retina display.

Clutter-free, Clean Layout

Simple and elegant, Piggy reveals the sales statistics you care about in its streamlined, easy to use layout. View sales information for today, this week, this month or year— compare data, average sales and units sold, plus view the top selling products in your WP E-Commerce shop, and more.

Piggy Predicts The Future

Using complex forecasting, Piggy also makes accurate sales predictions for the day, week, month and year ahead, and provides forecasting for product sales, too. See how new products added in your store affect your bottom line— gauge how new prices change your outlook— it’s all at your fingertips, in a glance, with Piggy.

Always Fresh

Piggy smartly checks and automatically refreshes when new sales come in, so you always have the most up-to-data at your fingertips.

Push Notifications

And it works with iOS apps like Prowl and Howl to deliver real-time, instant push notifications of new sales to your iOS device. Configure as many devices as you wish to receive these updates. Knowing your sales numbers is vitally important for your business— with Piggy you can have them in your pocket.

Availability & Compatibility

Piggy works with  WP E-Commerce plugin 3.7 or higher. A support & upgrades license for Piggy costs just $39.00 (CAD).

» Piggy is on sale now!


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