WP eCommerce 3.8.14-beta is here!

After being in development for 3 months, we’re so excited to announce that the 3.8.14 release of WP eCommerce is imminent!  We need lots of help beta testing to make sure we’re able to launch this as successfully as possible.

This is perhaps one of the most extensive overhauls of WP eCommerce in the last year.  For developers, we’ve introduced dozens of new actions and filters, a completely refactored Customer Meta API, brand new classes for interfacing with Countries and Regions and significantly improved internal documentation.

For users, you’ll notice significant performance improvements on the front and back-end, especially on the checkout process.  Speaking of the checkout process, we spent nearly 100 hours digging through our internals and refactoring TONS of the checkout process.  In doing so, we’ve eliminated dozens of bugs, especially surrounding our “Shipping Same as Billing” functionality.  Beyond that, parts of the checkout process have been significantly improved with regards to performance and usability.  One of the most special areas we’ve been working on this release is implementing a significantly overhauled and improved interface for adding and editing your products.  We’ve removed a LOAD of clutter and given easier access to the information you need.

We’re so excited for you to check everything out!  On top of the areas we’ve already mentioned, as you can see on our GitHub repository, we’ve closed out over 200 bugs in this release cycle.  We’re pretty proud of that accomplishment, and we’re sure you will be, too.

So please, get your staging servers set up and help us test this beta release of WP eCommerce 3.8.14.  As always, be sure to back up your website before installing the beta, and never run beta software on a production server.  Even with all of the overhauling we’ve done, our goal is 100% backwards compatibility – so we won’t know if we’ve broken anything until you test on your staging site and tell us how you’re getting on 🙂

Should you run into any bugs or compatibility issues, please report them on our GitHub Issues tracker.

If all goes well, we’ll have an RC by early next week and launch 3.8.14 shortly thereafter.  Happy testing!

Download WP eCommerce 3.8.14-beta

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Well done….we appreciate all your efforts that help to make our lives easier!

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