WP eCommerce 3.8.14

After months of effort, thousands of hours of development, and some pseudo-literal blood, sweat and tears – we’re proud to bring you WP eCommerce 3.8.14!

While I was privileged to take the lead on this release, it was an incredible effort by developers, QA teams, beta testers and support staff.  I want to highlight a few people whose efforts were particularly notable in this release:

First off, my hat goes off to Jeffrey Schutzman.  He was, in all measurable ways, the most significant contributor to this release.  It was a pleasure working with him on several facets of this release – from the javascript refactoring to the checkout workflow enhancements to the new WPSC_Countries/WPSC_Region classes and more.  He’s an incredibly smart and talented individual and we’re grateful to have him participating in our community.  Not everyone knows or realizes this, but all of the open source contribution to WP eCommerce is completely donated time.  That means the hundreds, if not thousands, of hours that Jeff and I have poured into WP eCommerce 3.8.14 over the last 3 months has been out of the love for the project.  I don’t say that to give myself any credit, but simply to honor the dedication and sacrifices that Jeffrey has made for all of us in his work on this release.  Cheers, Jeff!

But that’s not all.  We’ll go over numbers in just a second, but there were two other “MVPs” in this release.  If you use UPS or USPS, you’ll no doubt notice notable performance improvements, fewer bugs and better extendibility for developers in those modules on this release.  That is due to the incredibly diligent work of Jorge Aguayo, a phenomenally helpful developer who contributed a ton to this release.  We’re super grateful for his continued contributions.

Lastly – the entire support staff at Instinct has been a huge help in the QA process throughout the entire release, but the especially exhaustive efforts of Mihai (you’ll know him as @misiculus on wordpress.org and GitHub) this release were absolutely invaluable.  He found more bugs as we were developing than perhaps anyone else.  Thanks, Mihai!

Some quick (and somewhat mind-bending) numbers on this release:

  • We’ve added well over 50+ new actions and filters.
  • There were 185 files changed.
  • 21,125 insertions(+), 15,387 deletions(-)
  • 249 Issues closed (That’s THREE TIMES more than any release on GitHub to date)
  • 13 Contributors
  • 1,084 Commits
  • Touched approximately 65% of the codebase.

All that change, and we still aim to keep our promise of 100% backwards compatibility.  Suffice to say – we’re ready for some sleep 🙂  Missed our RC release outlining some of the new features (not to mention a fancy video :))?  Go check it out.

So please, backup your databases and websites, and take WP eCommerce 3.8.14 for a spin.  We know you’ll be delighted.

Think you’ve found a bug in this release?  Let us know on GitHub.

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I bought this program with the gold cart more than a year ago. I have to say that your release program sucks.

Every time you bring out a new release it breaks my cart and something doesn’t work.

This time, while I can add items to the cart when I go to the checkout the cart is empty.

Incredible. It is just incredible.

I have customers complaining of the same issue. We have gold cart too. My site is no longer retaining data on the checkout screen so you can’t make purchases

Hi Jekish,

Sorry to hear that. If you connect with premium support, they’ll investigate and help you get this sorted out. This is the first I’ve heard of data not being retained, so hopefully it’s an easy conflict to resolve.

Have you guys go into the control panel and followed up with upgrading your database? I had the same issue there will be a prompt at the top of your main control panel to do this…thats when that issue was fixed.

Hi Guys,
Im a bit late in getting my cart issue to u as well AFTER this last update.
My cart will not calculate postage at all no matter where in the world I set it to.
Im in Aust & had NIL problems till now.. After some 2 yrs all was good.

Sorry Justin – but I moved to woocommerce a long time ago. I believe you are a fantastic asset for WPEC and good to see the plugin moving forward…. I used to love WPEC but the bugs drove me mad!

Maybe I’ll be back one day 🙂

Hi Robert,

Sorry to hear you had an issue. We would have loved to have you as part of our beta testing and release candidate cycle to identify this issue before the final release.

If there’s anything we can do to to assist in identifying why this is occurring, we’d be more than happy to help!

I do not have the “gold” plan, but I’m having the same issue: product is not staying in the shopping cart. When I (or a customer) proceeds to checkout, there is nothing in the cart. BUT, it seems to be holding back product pending checkout.

Is there a fix for this issue?

Justin I found you…could you please help with below issue via email…I’m in too deep and have nowhere to turn.
My site is http://www.nikinis.co.uk but it’s down because of this….I upgraded 4 things that said they were 100% compatable but it turns out they weren’t….I have no one to help me with this and websites just aren’t my bag ….


Unfortunately the plugin reports the same error no matter which backup I restore, it may be worth contacting the plugin’s support with this below error:

[20-Jun-2014 06:22:44 UTC] PHP Fatal error: Class ‘WPSC_Shipwire’ not found in /home/nikinisc/public_html/wp-content/plugins/wp-e-commerce/wpsc-shipping/shipwire.php on line 55

As they are developers of this plugin they will likely have useful feedback for us and perhaps a checklist of what to do to have it working server-side. The only way to make the site work currently is to disable wp-e-commerce, however your site seems to rely on it.

Apologies for the inconvenience.


Pawel Adamski
A Small Orange Technical Support
View / Open tickets, check our knowledge

Sadly, the new release has broken the shipping module!

I have just read the ‘numbers’ of changes.

Seems like you made 1 change too many!

An e-commerce solution that does not allow customers to place orders is not good (understatement).

I’m off to play with woocommerce, I hear that waorks!!!!

Hi Robin,

Sorry to hear you’re having issues! Naturally, this was not anything we encountered in our testing, nor did it come up in beta testing.

If there’s anything we can do to help you get this issue resolved, please let us know!

Same here, the last update broke mine shop too, customers can’t enter products to their chart or get the message out of stock. IS there a test before release? What now? Any help here?

I’m sorry but…the beta announcement dates at the 26th of April and wasn’t the RC announced 1 week (instead of weeks) after that, which was 1 day(!!!) before the release to public?

Seems like a VERY short testing period for such a big release…

I am no longer able to upload images for products anymore. The “manage product image gallery” and the “add media” button are inactive within the “Product” section of the plugin. Works fine outside the plugin. Any suggestions?


My customer also not able make payment when they are click the purchase button. After that page automatic coming to checkout page and not going to Paypal page. Why?

Please answer me quick.


I think I’ll miss this update, previous version is working fine for me,m if it aint broke, don’t fix it!

I was really looking forward to this release. And I was happy to see that my main issue (updating cart on checkout page emptying address data) is fixed! But now a new issues occures; when clicking the “same address as billing”, the shipping address stays empty or, the address data is not copied. And because the shipping address fields are hidden, so are the errormessages. The customer can therefor not see what the issue is.

I just fixed the Same As billing for one of my clients. The markup on the checkbox changed in release 3.8.14 – you’ll want to add
data-wpsc-meta-key=”shippingSameBilling” class= “wpsc-visitor-meta”
to the checkbox input named shippingSameBilling in wpsc-shopping-cart-page.php in your theme folder.

I’m having a problem with the checkout also. There is:
Calculate Shipping Price

Please choose a country below to calculate your shipping costs


But there is no drop down list menu to choose the country from. I tried the table rate shipping and it was really hard to get rid of it. Now I loaded the fixed rate plugin and deactivated flat rate shippin but the form without the country select is still there.

I bought the gold cart so I would have access to the grid option – but it still is greyed out and I can’t use it – so I am stuck with the long list – which looks ridiculous. Why can I not access the grid layout?

it occurs to me this may not have anything to do with the new release – but as I got the update and the upgrade at the same time – it may be a related issue.

I’m just a fellow user, but I think I understand your issue.
After you have successfully installed and activated the Gold Cart Plugin, go to your WP dashboard.
From there, go to Home > Store Upgrades.
You will need your API Key at that point. Once you have entered and submitted it successfully, you should have access to all Gold Cart features including grid view.

TonydWIN Thank You! I will give that a try – I am a novice and trying to get this all figured out!

Does this release break the shipping module? I just upgraded from the previous version (dreading the possibility of breakage), and now I as I test I can’t get the cart checkout to calculate a shipping cost, it just sits there and says “Sorry, shipping quotes could not be calculated with the details provided. Please double check your shipping address details.”

Same problem as several others here: The checkout page (products-page/checkout/) is empty after upgrade to Versjon Please help!

As many others the update made it impossible for customers to buy anything on the page, when you clicked the buy button nothing happened. It also broke the shipping module, all in all the release caused nothing but trouble. I’ve reinstalled an older version and now it works fine, but I’ll still go with Woocomerce instead as soon as I get around to it…

How did you go about installing an older version? The update has completely disabled our store and we’re desperately looking for a solution. Thank you!

I would really like ti know this too, I am going to go broke over 1 bad bloody update from the cart provider!

Same problem here as Shima… customers are not able make payment when they are click the purchase button. In our case we are not connecting to the DPS / Payment Express – PX Post page.
So no customers can order off us!

Same problems here, May 15th. It was working several days ago.
When going to Checkout, it just displays the image of the shopping cart. And nothing else happens.


same problems here. When going to Checkout, it just displays the image of the shopping cart! so frustrating

After upgrading my customers are unable to check out. After filling out check out form they receive an error message stating that the merchant cannot accept mailing information. After I upgraded I received a message stating that the form should use shipping “state” and billing “state” not country as the primary field, however, I am unable to change from country to state. I think that is the reason why the customers are unable to check out.

The same problem has occurred on my website in the last 48 hours. I just see the image of the shopping cart when I go to the checkout page. It is stopping my client from trading and they are getting a bit stressed about it.

Any help or assistance would be greatly appreciated.

Kind regards,

Our website has been inoperable since this release. We’re big fans of Justin but it seems all of the commenters here are experiencing the same shopping cart issues. Our clients are seeing checkout totals are $0 and are only being charged for shipping. We’re desperately seeking a solution, any insight? Has anyone gotten their hands on a fix?

Hi Guys,
Im a bit late in getting my cart issue to u as well AFTER this last update.
My cart will not calculate postage at all no matter where in the world I set it to.
Im in Aust & had NIL problems till now.. After some 2 yrs all was good.

Is anyone going to actually fix this! You are sending us broke, No one can actually use our websites! Can you at least tell us how to revert back to the previous version that worked just fine!

Where is the administration page? The one that is on this version is missing the part that asks for the sellers email address?? I stopped receiving my transaction pages!! How do I know when I sell something! Please help me get this back or go back the version before this one. Also my shopping cart is not working consistently! I need HELP!!! Spent hours online trying to find a fix and can’t find anything! ugh!!!

Did you ever hear of a fix for this? I am a designer and apparently two of my customer’s websites do not work now, same issue, no transaction pages.

Glad to hear I’m not the only one whose site is utterly broken and unprofitable.

What has been done to address this issue?

Same issues on my site. Customers can’t check out because shipping does not calculate. BOO. When can this be resolved????

Does anyone know how to go back to the version before the upgrade? My cart was working just fine then? Looking for a way to get rid of the new version. I want the version back!!!

When I go to download it says plug in failed. Is this because the new one is already activated? How do I go about installing it with the new plug in already active?

Same Issue….. Customers can’t check out of my store either because the shipping either does not calculate OR when it does it does not pass the value to Paypal…. COME ON PLEASE SOLVE THIS ISSUE.

Also dealing with it not accepting the state, says invalid state and customers cannot check out!

Same here! Checkout completely broken even on the latest update

I am experiencing the same issue of customers not able to checkout. We are running our site on a vps and the issue is related to users & user_meta table it seems. Once we repair these 2 tables the checkout is functional again. Ours is version 3.8.13, but reading the comments above, I don’t think I’ll be upgrading to 3.8.14 till a more stable patch is released. I read in a blog post that this issue is related to wp-e-commerce creating temporary users and deleting them!! Can someone suggest a possible solution to this?

same issues here after I finally upgraded last week…

1. customers having difficulty adding items to cart
2. customers having a lot of difficulty making it through check-out process, many emailing us that checkout is failing or returning empty results
3. our pre-set International Shipping fees are not being applied during the checkout process

shoulda checked here first before doing the upgrade. look forward to the next upgrade hopefully will fix all this.

I always use Duplicator to back up my site before performing upgrades. I am now using that backup (started a new site under a slightly different name and redirected from the old site) because the Australia post module DOES NOT WORK.
Will this issue be fixed?

The exact same issue is happening with me and my store during checkout. This is completely disrupting business and our customers can’t get to the point of actually paying. UGHHHH!! Please let me know if any solution comes about ASAP!! 🙁

All of a sudden my checkout is broken – when you press purchase the page only refreshes (on all payment gateways inc. manual) I have tried all of the fixes in the forums – nothing works! No orders can be placed on my site currently – please make this top priority 🙁


All of a sudden my client’s site has the “state not valid error,” which, when I research, seems to be an old error that has raised its ugly head with this release. Getting highly frustrated with the errors in eCommerce. It seems like just when we get it working, it breaks again. Please address this, because our customers cannot check out AT ALL. Which is, needless to say, the POINT of having a commerce site.

By the way – for others frustrated with the “state not valid error” I just switched the order of Country and State in the check out fields to have the Country come first and it fixed the problem.

Incredibly silly that I should have to do that but there it is.

I tried to use this program back in 2011 (and spent a lot of time trying to make it work) and returned to see if it was fixed in 2014, but it looks like it still has exactly the same problems.

OK are you ever going to fix the cron that is supposed to get rid of the temporary users? I am up to 60,000 “temporary” users as i have not had a choance to clean them out lately.

Good morning. I’m new to this whole WordPress world but have just started helping my mom manage her site, TodaysTapping. Her shopping cart has not been working for awhile so I’m not sure if it’s tied to the May release of the WP eCommerce upgrade but I’m having trouble with upgrading it now. The admin page on WP is telling me that “WP eCommerce is almost ready. Some database routines need to be run before the upgrade is complete. Click here to start!” So I have backed up the site and clicked the link provided. I go through all the steps, am told at the end that the upgrade was successful, and then I go to another page on the admin side and the original message telling me I need to upgrade WP eCommerce is back. Please help!

Hi Renee!

Connect with one of our support team on Live Chat. I’ll let them know you’ll be in touch and they’ll get you set up on a premium ticket to help you get sorted out here, as a courtesy.


Help! Customers are not able to checkout. After filling out all billing and shipping information, clicking “Purchase” just reloads the page. I’ve turned the “Shipping same as billing” option off, but this has not resolved the issue. I’ve also upgrade the database and plug-in to 3.9.3 with no change. I’ve reset permalinks, no change. I’ve upgraded WordPress, no change. Please help — this client just can’t catch a break with site issues, and I’m this close to trashing WP eCommerce and never using it again.

Thanks so much for any input.

Hi Meghan,

So sorry to hear you’re having issues with WP eCommerce.

It looks like your theme is throwing a Javascript error on the checkout page. That’s very possibly a culprit here. Have you tried switching to a default theme and testing?

Also, looking at the HTML generated, somehow, you’re not generating a payment gateway to be used.

That should have a value of a payment gateway. That means either there is not one enabled, or a plugin or theme is filtering it improperly.

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