WP eCommerce 3.9 beta 1

We’re pleased to introduce WP eCommerce 3.9 Beta 1!



Under the hood we have some great new improvements. Shop owners will be pleased with many stability and user interface improvements including three new certified Paypal Payment Gateways. Fellow WordPress developers will enjoy over 70 closed issues and updates, new developer APIs and Unit Tests.  If you’re looking for the most significant areas to test, look at the new payment gateways and new Add-Ons section.  Otherwise, check out the link above!

We’re pleased and excited to be able to say that over 70% of the original WP eCommerce code base has been rewritten. This is a massive feat that we could not have accomplished without support from our small but committed open source community. Contributors, we salute you!

For those of you familiar with Scrutinizer (a tool that allows open source projects to measure and track code quality), we were absolutely stoked to discover that not only does WP eCommerce have cleaner code than all of the other WordPress e-Commerce solutions (not to mention incredible software platforms like BuddyPress), but we score higher than WordPress itself!  We realize this sets the bar very high – with a solid and stern determination, will we continue to put best practices into action with each and every new line of code that makes its way into WP eCommerce.

On that note we’d ask that you download and test WP eCommerce 3.9 Beta 1 and provide us with as much feedback as you are able to provide. Thank you!

You can download the beta release at the Github ZIP link below.  Alternatively, you can test the master branch by using the Beta Tester plugin.

» Download WP eCommerce Plugin 3.9 Beta 1

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