WP eCommerce 3.9

After a fantastic beta and RC cycle, we’re incredibly pleased to introduce WP eCommerce 3.9!

Not only does 3.9 include many fixes and a whole lot of polish, but it also symbolizes our first major update since Justin Sainton agreed to come on board as our new lead developer and partner in our business. Justin brings nearly 8 of years of WordPress development experience and has made dozens of contributions to WordPress core.

3.9 | Under the Hood

Shop owners will be pleased with these great new improvements:

  • Free checkout capabilities – WP eCommerce now allows for payment gateways to be bypassed if a cart’s total is zero.  We’ve had countless requests for this and are pleased to be releasing this feature in 3.9.
  • Updated payment gateways – We’ve updated the included PayPal payment gateways, adding new versions of Express Checkout and PayPal Payments Pro, as well as adding PayPal Digital Goods – a fantastic payment gateway for sellers of digital goods.
  • A new extensions marketplace – you can now purchase, download and install all of our premium plugins, right inside WordPress.  Beyond our own plugins, we’re introducing trusted third-party developers into this marketplace.  When you purchase from this marketplace, right inside WordPress, you can be assured that you’re getting rock-solid code that has been fully tested and vetted by our staff.  It’s the most trusted channel for WP eCommerce extensions.  More on this below.

Fellow WordPress developers will be pleased to know that 3.9 includes over 70 closed issues and updates including great new developer APIs and a new payment gateway class which already supports several new Paypal certified gateways. If you are a developer interested in our new payment gateway class, it has been developed as a plugin first and may be used in other eCommerce solutions.

The 3.9 code base represents over 70% of our code being rewritten from the ground up. A labor of love, sweat and tears – this has been an important process of building a strong foundation that allows us to build upon our roots of innovation. Our upcoming 4.0 release includes our new theme engine (based on code by WordPress genius John James Jacoby and his theme related efforts in BuddyPress).

Developer Marketplace

We’ve finally launched our new developer marketplace. WordPress developers can easily add their WP eCommerce add-on products for sale on our site which once approved will be available on our marketplace.

The most important points to note are as follows;

  • Our initial revenue share amount is 50/50; This is on the understanding that we’ll ensure a healthy ecosystem, we’ll maintain the WP eCommerce Plugin and marketplace website, and that you’ll keep your plugin updated and healthy. We’ll even look after basic customer triage for you and forward to you any serious support requests. As we grow, we’ll work with developers to explore a tiered commission approach that incentivizes developers and is a win-win for everyone.  We may adjust the initial terms in the future, but for now, this allows us to learn and grow and develop a better marketplace.
  • Developer friendly; Our marketplace is integrated with Github and Bitbucket, you simply sign up / login with your WordPress account, set yourself up as a vendor and then…
  • You get paid! Payouts occur at the end of the month following the purchase.  For example, if you sell ten licenses to your plugin on June 15th, you’ll be paid by July 31st for those sales.  This ensures that we’re able to process any chargebacks and refunds.

3.9 | Meta

You might have noticed our new website. This is just the beginning of our new branding efforts – so much more to come here.  It is one of several “meta” areas of WP eCommerce we have been working on – some other “meta” areas we are particularly proud of:

  • Scrutinizer CI – we’ve recently been using Scrutinizer to track an objective, static analysis of our overall codebase, measuring dozens of different heuristics.  Two stats we are particularly proud of here: The 3.9 release has a 26.3% improvement on over our last major release, 3.8.14.  That’s in a codebase of over 170K lines of code.  The next stat, our score: 7.63 (as of this writing.)  That’s currently a better score than other such prolific and impressive projects as the upcoming WP-API, WooCommerce, Easy Digital Downloads, BuddyPress and even WordPress itself.
  • Our new site is running the master branch of WP eCommerce, on top of a fully modernized deployment environment.  That means we’re dogfooding our own product, and anything we do that might affect your site in a new release – well, it affects us, too.
  • 3.9 introduces the genesis of a new, modernized development workflow – unit tests, continuous integration, Grunt – we’re living in the future 🙂  In upcoming releases, we’ll look towards successful builds in Travis CI and ever-increasing unit test coverage.
  • Documentation – our staff has been hard at work on overhauling the documentation site – this is an ongoing effort and we’re looking forward to announcing more on this in the coming months.  Our ambitious goal is to have the best user and developer documentation of any open source WordPress project, anywhere.
  • Fun fact: Parts of 3.9 have been iteratively built as feature-as-a-plugin plugins since July of 2011.  Amazing.

We <3 Community

We’d like to thank all the people that have helped us get to where we’ve got today!  Our brilliant support staff (Edward, Mihai, and Ray), Ben Huson, Jeff Schutzman, Lee Willis, and to the countless others, we salute you!

Download WPEC 3.9

What are you waiting for? It’s time to upgrade to the latest, most modern, most powerful eCommerce plugin for WordPress.
Download WP eCommerce 3.9

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Hey minor thing. Unless its some theme thing on my side, this little
error has been around for several versions, and the newest now too.

It involves the store buttons.

Go out 10 15 20 pages, until ‘page 1 button’ doesnt show as a button.

The ‘first’ numbered button in the series, will default to the store home.

Example, Im looking at a range of page 5 – 13.

All go to

etc etc


Page 5 button goes to


Hi Greg,

Thanks for the report! I wonder if it’s something similar to this?


Would you be able to go to that ticket and confirm? Feel free to add any notes there that might be helpful in reproducing – I feel like it might be the same issue, but your report seems to be a slightly more helpful description of the issue.

ok will do.

also, what is the link for Gold Cart, where you put in your code and download the latest release. I can find anything on the site now.


Can i send you an email on it. im not getting the login to work. I have 2 goldcarts. I think at one point the first one was updated, I have 2 logins and API key.


I’m glad to hear this ecommerce plugin is still being updated. I’m still having issues getting it to work with diythemes thesis 2. It appears that the permalinks structure for the products page isn’t supported. i get a blank browser when i click on the products page unless i remove the [products-page] short code but the single products page does the same thing. It was working great with thesis 1 but since i updated to thesis 2 i haven’t been able to use this plugin

i really like this plugin and all it’s features so im really hoping it’s a fixable problem. Does anyone have a fix.

Thanks for the report, Juan! Unfortunately, I’m not familiar with Thesis 2, and we have no plans to bake in support for Thesis inside of WP eCommerce at this time. Might be worth considering switching to Genesis?

Version 3.9 will my first attempt at using this plugin. Your documentation is a bit confusing. Is 3.9 operating on theme engine v2 (and therefore i should I be referencing that v2 documentation) or v1 (then should I be looking at your legacy documentation)?

I have a problem whit the plug in wp-e-commerce some one please help me.

I tried everything and nothing work.

The error is:

Fatal error: WPSC_Countries::get_countries(): The script tried to execute a method or access a property of an incomplete object. Please ensure that the class definition "WPSC_Data_Map" of the object you are trying to operate on was loaded _before_ unserialize() gets called or provide a __autoload() function to load the class definition in /home/content/p3pnexwpnas02_data01/24/2064724/html/wp-content/plugins/wp-e-commerce/wpsc-includes/wpsc-countries.class.php on line 462

Fatal error: WPSC_Countries::_dirty(): The script tried to execute a method or access a property of an incomplete object. Please ensure that the class definition "WPSC_Data_Map" of the object you are trying to operate on was loaded _before_ unserialize() gets called or provide a __autoload() function to load the class definition in /home/content/p3pnexwpnas02_data01/24/2064724/html/wp-content/plugins/wp-e-commerce/wpsc-includes/wpsc-countries.class.php on line 1142

please Help!


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