WP eCommerce and the latest PayPal SHA 256 Announcement

PayPal announced on it’s developer website, as well as via an email sent to all PayPal business customers who’ve used the PayPal IPN within the last year that it is moving to a new SSL certificate type for all of it’s API endpoints that use a bundled certificate.

WP eCommerce, and our official extensions, are 100% compatible with the changes, and will not require an update of any kind.

For your information we feel it’s important to provide additional information that may help.

  • By and large this is a server related issue.
  • Here is PayPal’s official documentation on the topic.
  • You can check your SSL by copying and pasting the certificate or CSR file into https://certlogik.com/decoder/ this will give you many details about the security level of your SSL.
  • If your server is running cPanel 11.46 or newer SHA-256 has been the default. Any SSLs you have generatd within the last year or so would be compliant.
  • We strongly urge you to consult your hosting provider for additional information.

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