WP eCommerce Beta 2

It’s been a whirlwind of activity on Github since our first beta release, just over a week ago.

Since beta 1, we’ve made the following changes:

* Over 70 new commits, covering:
* Improved documentation
* Fixed bug with marketplace authentication.
* Improved marketplace UI (ordering, description length, and modal closing)
* Minor CSS improvements to 1.0 theme engine
* Minor improvements to product admin UI
* On new installs, shipping is enabled by default.
* Purchase Log email now defaults to WordPress admin email.
* Payment gateways are now ordered alphabetically.
* If a 2.0 payment gateway has a 3.0 replacement, and the 2.0 version is not being used, the 2.0 version is not shown.
* A fix for percentage-based weight rate shipping
* A fix for weight rates of “0”.
* A fix for manual payment gateway instructions slashing.
* Added an upgrade routine to give Latvia the proper currency, Euros.
* Fixed a long-standing bug: when duplicating products, the referenced images were the same as the original product. When deleted on one product, they were deleted on the other. No more.
* Fixed notice for already defined constant on user account page.

Things to Test

  1. Free Checkout – We added the ability to check out on carts that have a value of $0.  This was never possible before, but we received requests for it constantly. Please test it!
  2. New Payment Gateways – We’ve added a new payment gateway API, along with updated PayPal gateways for it (and an update Manual Payment Gateway).
  3. Extensions Marketplace – We have the most integrated Extensions Marketplace of any plugin we’re aware of.  Check out the new “Add-Ons” page and give it a whirl.

Needless to say, this has been a busy and heartily tested beta. We’ve introduced more changes to the codebase than we normally might on a beta, and as such, we’re releasing a second beta and freezing strings. If all goes well in this beta, we’ll be shipping 3.9 in one week. If we end up making any significant changes, we’ll ship an RC in one week instead.

As always, please test extensively in your staging environments. With 3.9 on the horizon, WP eCommerce has never been better.

Download WP eCommerce 3.9 Beta 2

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