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After an incredibly exciting and arduous week of launches (both the new WP eCommerce site and the 3.9 beta) – we’re not slowing down on the exciting news.  We’re pleased to announce the first annual WP eCommerce Core Contributor meetup!

We believe that WP eCommerce is the most open, community-driven, highly-functional general eCommerce platform for WordPress – and it couldn’t possibly be all that it is without the dozens of people who contribute their time and energy to making the project amazing.

To that end – we’re absolutely elated to be in the planning stages for what will be the first of many core contributor meetups.  Dan and Justin will both be in attendance, as well as the entire WP eCommerce support staff, and other local contributors.

All contributors (or those who wish to contribute) to WP eCommerce are welcome.

But wait, there’s more…

That’s right – after we launch WP eCommerce 3.9, we’ll tally up the top 5 eligible 1 contributors, that is, the five contributors who have had the most commits to WP eCommerce between the launch of 3.9 and the launch of 4.1. This will be roughly a four month window of time.

From that pool, we’ll pick two people at random.  These two people will get an all-expenses paid trip to the contributor meetup – airfare, accommodations, dining – the whole shebang.  Our gift to you, as a thank you, for contributing to open source software.

Amazing, right?  So when, where, who…

Plans are still coming together, but we have some amazing things in the works for this.  Right now, though, the plan is to have the inaugural meetup at an awesome house in or around Portland, Oregon for 3-4 days in early July.  Lots of great activities (windsurfing, hiking, micro-brew tours anyone?) tentatively planned as well as loads of time to hack on WP eCommerce and work together, with a group of peers, pushing the world’s best open source eCommerce platform to new heights.

More info to come after 3.9 launches – but if you want to be in the running for this awesome opportunity – it all starts here.

P.S. Keep your calendars open for January 2016 – you might just be winning a trip to New Zealand 🙂


  1. Terms of eligibility: 1) Able to travel to the US (Outside the US? Time to check out your visa process. 2) Available to travel: if you wouldn’t be able to make it for any reason (work, school, family, etc.), let us know and withdraw yourself from consideration.  

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