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We’re making some changes to WP eCommerce Support!

As always, users that only use the WP eCommerce core plugin, support will be provided via the WordPress.org forums.


For users that have purchased an add-on, support for the purchased extension is available at https://wpecommerce.org/support/. All you have to do is fill in the information required on the page, and make sure to use the email address you used to purchase the add-on as well. You will also need to provide your license key! An active license key is required to be able to submit the form and receive support, and also select the add-on that you are having trouble with.


For those of you that want to receive Premium Support for the core plugin and also any of our addons, then we have good news:


We are introducing a Premium Support membership! You can find the details here https://wpecommerce.org/premium-support-pricing/.


Users that have an active membership for Premium Support can request support on the same support page https://wpecommerce.org/support/ without the need of an active license key, as well as to request support for any of our addons that you are using (and of course, the core plugin, too).

Plus when you are logged in on our website you can request support via chat when any of our staff is available and if you have an active support membership.

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Why not keep both support channels managed in one place? May be a help desk?. Wouldn’t that cause less headaches than managing support at two places?

I was trying to renew my license. I tried logging in but when I select forgot password I am told an email was sent but no email was sent to reset my password. I have tried 4 different times some on different days. Nothing in my inbox or spam/junk folder. I am trying to update my gold cart to the newest version and my old license key is too old and doesn’t work so it needs to be renewed.

“For advanced users, all of our eCommerce templates and CSS can be moved into your active theme folder for customization.” Where can this information be found? I have WPEC and the Gold Cart installed – my webmaster can not find the location of your eCommerce templates or CSS. Please advise.

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