2 Million Download Later… Hey, Let us Get That For You!

The past three weeks have been a blur-  the release of 3.8.9beta, bursting at the seams with new features, bug fixes and refactored code… brand new support products and da da da da!  WP  e-Commerce hit the 2 million downloads mark on the WordPress repository.

What 2 Million Means

WPEC has come so far.. as WordPress has grown up, we’ve grown up alongside it; as WordPress has changed, we’ve adjusted to change with it- bringing custom post types, widgets, shortcodes and taxonomy to WPEC. We’ve helped 2 million people launch stores- launch new livelihoods, support their families, help pay for school, launch new ideas, raise money for important causes. We are so proud.. of YOU. We are just the tool, our users make our tool something greater.

We’ve helped 2 million people launch stores- launch new livelihoods, support their families, help pay for school, launch new ideas, raise money for important causes.

E-Commerce has grown up too- there are so many options that you can be easily overwhelmed and asking WordPress to become a full fledged store is not a small thing. That said- our team is as committed as ever to the idea that WordPress is still the easiest and most fully featured CMS available and that we can provide a free, fully featured store plugin for WordPress users. We’re not just the most popular because we’ve been around the longest- WP e-Commerce remains the most fully featured WordPress e-Commerce tool on the market. We are devoted to making our tool even easier to use this year with improved UI, features for both users and developers and a slew of new Add Ons.

Supporting Our Users

The rave reviews for our improved support system continue to roll in. While a full support staff tackles our Premium One on One Support questions, the community forums have new life. A month into our experiment, our developer network is actively engaging with our users and everyone seems happier!  Now we want to make it even easier- you’ll notice new support avenues for WP e-Commerce… our support staff will happily upgrade your installation, install Gold Cart for you or any of our other Premium Add Ons. If you think you may need more help with your WP e-Commerce store, you can even purchase additional support tokens now. As always, our Premium support staff will work with you to get things up and running as fast as possible.


We’ve had tons of people testing 3.8.9 for us, and so far the reviews are awesome! People are loving the changes made to variations, and are discovering that the refactored code has solved all kinds of random issues users have had in the past. The shipping advancements have had a real impact on our store owners- its easier to set up than ever and our new presentation settings really impress our users. Colorbox integration seems to be a fan favorite- and the Google Analytics update is a win for everyone. We’re a week or two away from the final release, so keep testing!

Where Do We Go From Here?

The next year will be so exciting for WPEC users we almost can’t breathe trying to keep the surprises a secret. We know what we’re planning, but we’d love to know what YOU want. We get requests for features and plugins all the time and you’ve seen those requests turn into actual features and plugins. So… how can we better serve you as we make the long, final march to WP e-Commerce 4.0?

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Can someone pretty pretty please look into writing a quick work around for checking out for free items? There are tons of requests for it and without the functionality we will not be able to use your plugin.

If I can’t get this resolved soon I will have to find a new plugin and I absolutely love yours!!



I second Free Shipping (with coupons)…speaking if coupons, we gotta get a bulk manager going. Like, being able to delete multiple at once.

And lastly PLEASE make it a snap to pass personalization input’s to the Purchase Report emails.

Thanks, Can’t wait!

I am happy to report that all three items:

  1. free items in the cart
  2. better coupon management
  3. better reporting

are already in the works….

2 Million Downloads – Congratulations!

Dan and team, way to go. Having started building sites with WP e-Commerce in 2008, we’ve seen a lot of change and you just keep getting better.


Hello everyone,

I have been brain storming to come up with some nice features to suggest.

I have needs for multisites features like, network activation instead of per blog activation.
I would love to see the abilities to create and configure packages by the super admin, for example: Silver package would be allowed to insert up to 50 products and have a disc space of 500 MB.
Another cool feature would be having better sales reports with graphics. Kind like bigcommerce… I know bigcommerce is not for WordPress…but it gives you an idea of what I am suggesting.

The next one will be really cool and simple. I would like to see the store sales page to have different colors for different order status..
So let`s say you have orders listed on there. Right know visually speaking will be hard to see which orders are awaiting payments or cancelled or dispatched… I would love to have different colors for different status…As you change the status of the order the color of that line will change to the color of the status you are changing to…So if you have orders awaiting payment and the color for awaiting payment is red…As soon as you load up that screen you know that everything in read needs attention…If you change the status to payment received it would change to green…so that way will look more manageable and more organized…Again bigcommerce is got this feature and it is really cool.
That one should not be to hard I think 🙂

Hi Davys, the core team have added a hook/filter to the Manage Sales table in 3.8.9 so I’ll be cooking a free Plugin for coloured Status – as seen in others like BigCommerce, Virtuemart, etc. – as well as tieing in our 3rd party Plugins for WP e-Commerce (e.g. Print Invoice, Edit Order, etc.). 😀

Hello Visser,
Cool that you will be doing this plugin, but it would be nice to have some of this feature out of the box….The only thing that concerns me about third party plugins is when code breaks and support is needed. Having to contact multiples parties for support is less than ideal given the fact that wpecommece will not support 3rd party`s plugins.
Another thing that would be really cool is having actions for each sale, again like bigcommerce. Actions like print invoice print shipping label, edit order and so on.

I hope that this new version will be really cool and regain people`s trust again… I have seen some good comments about improvements with support. I contacted support about a month ago with some problems when a domain is mapped and it was not as good as they are appearing to be.
Hopefully things will get better.

Hi Davys, while I agree that out of the box would be nice, there’s a clear argument for a lean Core Plugin that is extended via free and Premium Plugins; ths is a view that I support and hope to see continue happen in future releases.

Regarding the challenge of multiple Plugin suppliers, this will be made simpler in the near future as 3rd party Plugin developers work directly with the Core provider (GetShopped) via their support facilities; bringing dev under a single banner/one stop shop.

I’d like to see an additional field for a wholesale price next to the retail & sale prices in admin – eg we purchase products from local producers at wholesale rates, then sell to our customers at retail prices (markups vary between products/producers).

This should also be included in the products list view for quick editing. Then the icing on the cake would be to export weekly sales that include the wholesale, retail and profit for each product.

To get a feel for what we do you can visit http://lucys.co.nz

Hi Grant,

These are some great ideas and a very lovely looking site! Visser Labs has a wholesale plugin which may do what you’re after…eg exports and whole sale pricing (and add some functionality your not). However these ideas are great I am going to share them with the dev team. Currently we are not working on any new functionality or plugins at the moment as we are trying to rebuild the core from the ground up.

That said I am going to put this forward and perhaps there is a dev out there who would like to build this functionality for their own plugin market place.


Hi Grant, our Wholesale Pricing Plugin handles markup of Product Price and Sale Price based on %-based or $-based values and can be limited to different User Roles (e.g. Wholesaler rates vs Loyalty rates vs Guest/Visitor pricing rates). We’re working with the WP e-Commerce team to add these details to the Manage Products screen and other areas of WP e-Commerce Plugin.

Hi Karen, we are all really looking forward to this new release aswell!

It should be ready for RC in the next day or so then we will be ready to go live depending on the feedback!
Hang in there its verrrry verrrrry close.


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