WP e-Commerce 3.8.9

Update: has been released.

WP e-Commerce is available to download. Please make sure you have backed up your database before upgrading. We highly recommend Backup Buddy for the job.

Download here.

The following issues have been fixed:

* Fix: Admin cannot download file from product edit page.
* Fix: Compatibility issues with Jetpack.
* Fix: Google Analytics is printed out even when it's not active.
* Fix: Make sure PayPal Standard works with 100% discount.
* Fix: Product page title is not properly replaced with the
  category or tag title in WP 3.5.
* Fix: Products are sometimes displayed even when products page
  is set to only display list of categories.
* Fix: Products thumbnail sizes are inconsistent with the settings.
* Fix: Properly flush outdated customer meta from the transient
* Fix: Typo in wpsc_cart::update_location().
* Fix: Wrong class attribute for price display.

Update: has been released
The following issues have been fixed:

* Fix: Fatal error in Shipwire.
* Fix: Fatal error with customer meta on multisite.
* Fix: Fatal error with get_the_product_tags().
* Fix: Pagination in admin product list doesn't work.
* Fix: Permalinks are incorrect when products page is
  set as home page and permalink scheme is set to %post_name%.
* Fix: Rewrite rules are not regenerated correctly when switching
  from "Default" to "Post name".
* Fix: Shipwire and Google Analytics are not working properly.
* Fix: Shipwire request is sent even when Shipwire is not active.
* Fix: States are displayed as numbers in admin purchase report.
* Fix: Transaction results displaying cart content twice as well as
  "Oops, there is nothing in your cart".
* Fix: Use customer meta instead of $_SESSION for eway and payflow message.
* Fix: Variation pagination doesn't work.

We’re happy to announce that WP e-Commerce 3.8.9 is now officially available for download. This release contains 144 enhancements and bug fixes, so we are proud to say this is a great leap forward from our last major release and brings us one step closer to the always looming, ever-epic and long awaited WP e-Commerce 4.0.

Here are the highlights:

Variations UI enhancements

In 3.8.9, we have revamped the Product Variation metabox in the Edit Product page. Variations, if you haven’t used them before, offer shoppers a way to select options of a product, such a sizes on t shirts, different styles or scents of products.

– All variation details are now modifiable from within their product setup, just like categories or tags.  You won’t have to travel to another page to set up these variations, they can be done on the fly, remaining on the product edit page. Make changes to tax or shipping, even add variation thumbnails, all in one easy place.
– Variations can now be bulk edited.
– Variations can now be marked as draft (to hide from the front-end), or trashed (rather than being deleted permanently).
Scroll down to see a demo of the new variation setup

Fix compatibility issues with $_SESSION
This could easily be the most extensive change in our API in 3.8.9.

Prior to 3.8.9, WP e-Commerce relies on $_SESSION to store customer data between page load. However, because WPEC is used on literally thousands of different server configurations, there have been reports about incompatibility with $_SESSION. Moreover, hosting services (such as WP Engine) that use static caching systems (Varnish) usually have very limited options when it comes to configuring their caching system to accomodate WP e-Commerce.

In 3.8.9, we have decided to move away from using $_SESSION and converted to using a combination of cookie and transients to manage customer information. This proves to be more reliable than $_SESSION. Furthermore, it is now much easier to config WP e-Commerce to work nicely with static caching system.

For 3rd party developers, if your plugin uses any $_SESSION variables, you will need to update your plugin’s code to take advantage of our new customer metadata API. Documentation will follow soon.

Google Analytics

This is a sorely missed feature in our 3.8.x series. WP e-Commerce used to integrate nicely with Joost’s Google Analytics plugin. As compatibility depreciated during our code upgrades, we’ve heard our users’s cries to make it part of core.  In 3.8.9, you’ll be able to configure the integration with ease and track your sales data conveniently with Google Analytics.

Shipwire Integration

Tired of having to pack and ship each order from your WP e-Commerce store? Consider order fulfillment.  You work with Shipwire to store your goods in their massive warehouses. They handle shipping and packing and you can stick to the business of making money.

Over the last few months, Shipwire has been getting a big overhaul. Some of you may have been following the issue on our Google Code tracker. Shipwire now has full integration allowing you to hook your WP e-Commerce store into the following Shipwire services:

  • Inventory Updates
  • Tracking Updates
  • Order Fulfillment
  • Shipping Rates
Important: before upgrading

If you’re currently running a live site using previous version of WP e-Commerce, please set up a test site (or staging environment) where you can upgrade to 3.8.9 to make sure your theme and all other WP e-Commerce related plugins are compatible with this new release. In 3.8.9, we have major changes in certain components, especially customer data storage and transaction results and notifications. Therefore, some existing plugins might need to update its codebase to work with 3.8.9.

As for Gold Cart, we’re going to follow up with an updated release, which will address all compatibility issues with 3.8.9. So if you’re using Gold Cart, don’t upgrade to 3.8.9 just yet and stay tuned for our Gold Cart release due out this Friday. 

If you find any plugins that used to be compatible with but not compatible with 3.8.9, please notify the plugin developers and report to us as well.

It also goes without saying that before you upgrade to 3.8.9, please back up your files and databases. Backup Buddy and VaultPress are our top two choices for making backup simple and effortless.

How to upgrade

You can simply use WordPress automatic update feature to download and install WP e-Commerce 3.8.9.

If that doesn’t work for you, try the following steps for a manual upgrade:

Download WP e-Commerce 3.8.9 from here and save it to your computer.

– Extract the downloaded package to a folder on your computer.

– Upload the contents of that folder to this path on your server, overwriting all existing files: wp-content/plugins/wp-e-commerce

If you find any issues with 3.8.9, feel free to post it in the comment section below. We’re always happy to help.

Using Variations in WP e-Commerce 3.8.9

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My products page stops loading when it reaches the tag code:

$tagid = $wpsc_product_tag->term_id;
$taglink = get_term_link( $wpsc_product_tag->slug, $wpsc_product_tag->taxonomy );
echo ‘ ‘.$tagname.’ | ‘;
} else {
echo ‘No tags exist for this product.’;
} ?>

$wpsc_product_tags = get_the_product_tags( wpsc_the_product_id() );

if ($wpsc_product_tags) {
foreach ($wpsc_product_tags as $wpsc_product_tag) {
$tagname = $wpsc_product_tag->name;
$tagid = $wpsc_product_tag->term_id;
$taglink = get_term_link( $wpsc_product_tag->slug, $wpsc_product_tag->taxonomy );
echo ‘ ‘.$tagname.’ | ‘;
} else {
echo ‘No tags exist for this product.’;

Hi dkokin,

I’m Gary, lead developer of WP e-Commerce.

Usually when a page stops loading prematurely, that means there’s a fatal error somewhere.

Could you check your error log and see if there’s any related errors?

If you don’t know how to locate your error log, please contact your host. Then I’m happy to help you with debugging this.


Same error for me;

[07-Nov-2012 14:55:12 UTC] PHP Fatal error: Call to undefined function get_the_product_tags() in /wp-content/themes/themename/modules/single-product.php on line 111

Hi Stereo Hero,

This has just been fixed on our latest development branch. We’ll release it as very soon.


Just tried the new release and I can’t get my settings page to work properly. When I try to change tab it just freezes in the loading process. Although it works if I just click the adress field, hitting enter. I get an AJAX response but the view doesn’t change, it stays at the “general” tab.

Hi Erik,

I’m Gary, lead developer of WP e-Commerce.

Please give us some more details: what browser and version of WordPress are you using?

Also, is there any JavaScript error? For most browsers, when there’s a JavaScript error, you’ll see a red icon at the bottom right corner of the browser window.

It would be extremely helpful if you could send us login details to your site so that our developers can debug it directly. If you’re comfortable with that, please send an email to gary@instinct.co.nz with those login details.


Well, I finally figured it out. It was a coalition with another plugin which echoed some css before the header for some reason.

I updated my site and I just get a blank checkout page when adding something to the basket!
I am using default WP e-commerce theme files with only the wp e-Commerce plugin active. Happens in Chrome, iOS Chrome and Safari, works in IE and FF.
Help please..?


what is your site URL, what theme are you using, and have you tried deactivating other plugins?

I would rather not say URL in public. Can email you…
And the theme is a custom one I made, however I tried going back to the non-modified version of the checkout page but still the same happens.
And yes, same occurs with all plugins apart from WP e-Commerce de-activated.

I am having what sounds like the same problem. I am working on a store that is in development, not live thankfully, but having just upgraded it to 3.89, if you add a product to basket then go to checkout page, the checkout page fails to load, hanging just after the H1 Checkout heading.
The URL of the site is here:
I will roll back to previous version in 12 hours though so you will only be able to see the error on the above URL for the next 12 hours.
Would love to find out what the problem is, thanks, Peter

Hi Peter Richardson,

I’m Gary, lead developer of WP e-Commerce.

We have heard from several users about this issue, but we haven’t been able to reproduce this issue with any of our test sites. Some sites are even running Twenty Eleven and no other plugins, so that led us to believe some particular combination of settings have led to this issue.

It would help us a lot if you could try these steps:

– Disable all plugins except WP e-Commerce.
– Use Twenty Eleven.
– Check if the issue is still there.
– If the issue is still there, please send us a screenshot of all your WP e-Commerce settings. We might need to replicate those in order to successfully reproduce this issue on our server.
– Even more helpful, if you could create a backup package of your database (phpmyadmin is a great tool to do this), and send it to gary@instinct.co.nz, we’ll have better chance to catch this wild bug!

Thanks for your cooperation,


I’m experiencing the same problem. I’m using FlexiShop by PrimaThemes with WP 3.4.2 and WPEC

What I found out is this:
When I start a new session with any browser and add a product to my basket, then go to ‘Checkout’ I get a blank page. No matter what I do the page keeps blank.
When I then go to the admin settings and activate the twenty-ten theme, go back to the checkout page and refresh, the checkout page appears.
Then I go back to the admin settings and re-activate the flexishop theme, the checkout page appears like it should and works like a charm (can finish the transaction).
But next time when I start a new session…same problem. 🙁
I really need help since my customers can’t order anything now.

Fixed… I had missed 1 plugin when de-activating them. Seems that what was causing it. Now seems to work fine 🙂

Bad News, it wasn’t that. Seemed to work then stopped. Can’t figure it out so think i may just try and roll back to previous version…

Hi Gurjeet,

I’m Gary, lead developer of WP e-Commerce.

In case you haven’t reverted yet, could you please send us a link to your website (as long as login and FTP details if that’s possible) so that we can start debugging it directly. Please send those details to gary@instinct.co.nz.

Or better, if you could set up a staging environment (test site) with the exact contents and database, and send us those details, that would help a lot.



Hello Gary,

I set up a staging environment and sent yourselves and ray an email with details on there on the 8th Nov and have still not received even an acknowledgement of my email.

Please could this be looked into.


i want to know the same also – how do I roll back as my store is now not working 🙁

Hello hemp,

My name is Ray with the WP e-Commerce Support. Would you like to be one of our beta tester for the gold cart update? This will potentially solve the problem that you are having. Please send me an email at ray@instinct.co.nz if you are interested.
Thank you,

Hi Martin,

I’m Gary, lead developer of WP e-Commerce.

Could you please specify the name of the theme so that we can get in touch with tokokoo developers and work this out?



Just tested on another site and it works fine. I then have a specific configuration here (plugins? theme?) that might get into conflict…


I’m Gary, lead developer of WP e-Commerce.

It seems like this has something to do with your theme or server configurations. It would help a lot if you could share with us WP admin login details as well as FTP access so that we can debug this for you. Please send an email to gary@instinct.co.nz with those details if that’s possible.



Thanks Gary. Will prepare access for you and send it for you to review.

I am getting an error message on my products page

Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in /home/content/c/h/r/chrispgh/html/wp-content/plugins/wp-e-commerce/wpsc-includes/cart.class.php on line 705

Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in /home/content/c/h/r/chrispgh/html/wp-content/plugins/wp-e-commerce/wpsc-includes/cart.class.php on line 705

and this error message on my checkout page

WordPress database error: [Unknown column ‘sessionind’ in ‘field list’]
INSERT INTO `wp_wpsc_purchase_logs` (`totalprice`,`statusno`,`sessionind`,`user_ID`,`date`,`gateway`,`billing_country`,`shipping_country`,`base_shipping`,`shipping_method`,`shipping_option`,`plugin_version`,`discount_value`,`discount_data`) VALUES (20.902500,0,’3381351709497′,0,’1351710370′,’google’,’US’,0.000000,’0′,’shipwire’,”,’3.8.9′,0.000000,”)


You can roll back if neccesary, or you could try disabling plugins. in most cases, its a plugin conflict.

Hi Racheal,

I’m Gary, lead developer of WP e-Commerce.

I would like to have more details in order to fix the first two error messages:

– What shipping modules are you using?

– It would be great if you could provide screenshot of your Shipping settings page so that we can attempt to reproduce this issue.

As for the database error, this has been a known issue with Google Checkout gateway. The good news is we’re actively working on an updated version for Google Checkout, which will be released in the next minor release (scheduled around I will get in touch with you when there’s such an update.



Hi datdarkrai,

We haven’t been able to reproduce these errors on our test sites. However in the upcoming, we’ve made a few tweaks that would make sure you won’t encounter those errors again. It’s going to be released within today.

Stay tuned.


The upgrade is causing issues including pay with paypal no longer works – how do we downgrade back to the previous version.

Hi looxcie,

I’m Gary, lead developer of WP e-Commerce.

Please specify which PayPal gateway you are using (Standard, Pro or Express). Also, what exactly is the issue you’re having? Maybe we’re able to help with debugging that.

To downgrade to previous version, you should have had a backup before the upgrade (as clearly instructed in the announcement), and use that backup to restore your database and files. If you don’t have a backup, the only thing you can do is restored the WP e-Commerce version by downloading it from here:



Hey I am facing One major problem with patpal. I have added coupon code and giving 100% discount on products and Only charging the Shipping cost($4). When i go to checkout by adding coupon code everything works fine and when i go to Paypal payment. It shows again the entire price without any discount+ Shipping charges.
Means no any benefit of adding Coupon.
Please help me ASAP. as my client has to make this site live.
Here is my website:

Hi Akash,

I’m Gary Cao, lead developer of WP e-Commerce.

Just want you to know that we’re looking into this. So far I haven’t been able to reproduce this on my test site.


Hi Kevin,

I’m Justin, I developed the Google Analytics module. It worked quite well during our testing phases and I’m really sorry to hear you’re having issues. Can you tell me more about your configuration? Did you configure all of the settings properly in the Google Analytics section? Does your theme have a call to wp_head() and wp_footer()?

Hi Justin, I want to pick up this topic as Kevin hasn’t responded. I’m having similar problems. If by “configure all of the settings properly in the Google Analytics section” I assume you mean changing the site’s assignment to “Yes, an E-Commerce Site/App” in GA. After that, are there any other requirements? I’ve entered my tracking ID in WPEC, and still no luck. Also, my the does have calls to both wp_head and wp_footer.

It appears that the tracking code is present on all transaction pages when I run tests, but the transactions aren’t making it to e-commerce in GA (still registering zeroes across the board.)
Also, I’m happy to provide all login details. I’ll be happy to write a blog that outlines the process to help the community.



Hi John,

I’m Gary, lead developer of WP e-Commerce.

Justin will reply shortly with some answers to your questions.

In the mean time, we discovered an issue which might prevent Google Analytics from working on your site. This will be fixed in, which will be released very soon.


Hi Gary,

I’ve installed and I’m still not triggering Eccomerce transactions in GA.

The only thing I can think of is that I also have GA manually installed at the theme level because the cart only accounts for about 15% of the site. Would this interfere with Ecommerce tracking? If this might be the case, do you have any recommendations?

I want to follow up on this as I’ve done quite a bit of work to reduce variables but still haven’t found a conclusion. I copied all theme files (except css) back to their original home.

Also, I removed all manual GA tracking, but still no tracking could be found on the product. Curiously, even when all tracking was removed, WPEC was triggering a “You Appear to have Google Analytics for WordPress installed…” (I don’t).

Guys, any ideas on this? I’m happy to pay for assistance, just need to move forward. Thanks, John

In class WPSC_Purchase_Log the constructor is not working as it should.

The comment says

…this will get the purchase log from the DB either by using purchase log id or sessionid (specified by the 2nd argument).

But looking at the code the constructor just tries to get the purchase_log object form the cache and if it is not in the cache it doesn’t try to get it from the DB.

This is making my payment gateway plugin fail

Hi m1k3lm,

I’m Gary, lead developer of WP e-Commerce.

The data is not loaded from the database upon object initialization. Rather, it will be “lazy-loaded” (meaning loaded when necessary) when you use $purchase_log->get() (or other methods that require loading from the database).

You can see WPSC_Purchase_Log::fetch() for more information.



Gary, I have been updating WPEC for a client going on seven weeks now. I am unable to do the following possibly from ignorance of how to use the software:

Set shipping for specific category (and all products in that category) to 14%. My client orders from his vendors and they ship the product to the shipping address. This shipping rate is only from a vendor in Canada to Canadian customers.

Set 12% tax rate on specific category (and all products in that category)

Alter purchase confirmation email to exclude price and billing information. This email will be forwarded to the vendor and used as the “packing slip”

Use list view to select product variants. Also list view should display skews.

I had made several of these changes and can provide the code altered from 3.8.9-beta2050. I updated the software last night to 3.8.9 Final to hopefully fix the shipping and tax issues.

Also I am working with our merchant provider to implement their auth.net emulator gateway. I can include you in the email correspondence if you would like to help with that part of this project.

Ultimately, we are integrating WP E-Commerce with Sage’s Peachtree using CartSpan.

Woah, support issues should be raised via the Support Forum instead of here on the Blog post, this is getting out of hand…

Drop a Support Forum URL here if it needs a bump.


Ray, does this release fix the issues with My Virtual Merchant? It is telling me
An Error Occurred While Processing Your Request
Error Code : 4012
Error Name : VID/UID Invalid
Error Message : The VirtualMerchant ID and/or User ID supplied in the authorization request is invalid.
in test mode.

Also when the new goldcart is enabled it produces a
Allowed memory size of 67108864 bytes exhausted (tried to allocate error when clicking the add category link in the page editor. This error disappears when the plugin is disabled.

Finallly and most importantly – how can we disable the links to the product page, and add the sku and ESPECIALL Product Variant Select to the list view?

Hello Jeremy,
My name is Mihai with WP e-Commerce support.
I believe your issue with Vmerchant is related to your settings for the payment gateway.
For test mode you need different details which you can get from virtualmerchant.
There was a small bug in the vmerchant.php file that was preventing orders to be marked as completed after a successful transaction but i managed to get that resolved.
Please click here and send me an email to request the update vmerchant.php file.
That should fix the status error.
But like i said the error you are getting are because you are using a live account with their demo site.

The Gold Cart warning HERE? – and not in the red admin upgrade boxes themselves is a joke. Sorry, but how would anyone expect there to be a specific problem with YOUR OWN (!!!) plugins??? Especially “one of the most popular” ones.

Hi dev guys. I’m not really available for testing. But I’m interested in what you said about “Gold Cart will be available tomorrow”, Amanda. Could we have a realistic eta, please?

Hello nadworks,

My name is Ray with the WP e-Commerce Support. We are in need of a few gold cart beta tester. This release will potentially solve the problem that you are having. If you are interested, please send me an email at ray@instinct.co.nz.

Thank you,

Updating made the entire WordPress installation crash, now I can only get the site running again by completely removing the entire plugin through FTP. I tried uploading the old version through FTP but again, the site now gives a server error whenever the plugin is active.

I run multiple subsites through the same WordPress installation (a WordPress network) and originally tried updating from one of the subsites instead of the main network dashboard, perhaps that’s where the error stems from. Whatever it is though, the plugin is now completely useless. Hopefully an update will be able to fix this soon, I wasn’t planning on moving to an alternative but I’ll be forced to if this keeps up… 🙁

Hi Jaap,

I’m Gary, lead developer of WP e-Commerce.

If you’re running WordPress multisite, there is a known incompatibility with WP e-Commerce 3.8.9. We’re fixing this in our next release. Stay tuned.


Hey guys, I launched this version in my WPMU installation and it blew everything up…I turned on wp_debug and found where the error is and wanted to share how I fixed it…

In ‘wpecommerce > core > wpsc-functions.php’ around lines 1692 and 1715 I put ‘global $wpdb;’ at the top of those functions. The error said that variable wasn’t defined. Doesn’t it need to be included like I have done? Thanks.

Hi Matthew,

This has been fixed in our upcoming release, which will be published very soon.



I’ve just tested upgrading to 3.8.9 on my development copy and the shortcode for the store page is actually resulting in a 404. As soon as I remove the [productspage] from the page it works fine … though it displays nothing obviously.

To be certain I have ensured all plugins other than WPEC are disabled and moved to the TwentyEleven theme to avoid any conflicts, same result.

Dev site – http://dev.rkwd.co.uk/hussar

Any suggestions?

Hi, I’m having all kinds of trouble since updating to 3.8.9. My site stopped working, so I reverted to the earlier version of the plugin, as suggested above, but now I get a blank white screen, both on the admin page, and on the site page with an HTTP Error 500. Not sure what to do now.
The plugins I’m running are as follows:
Any suggestions?

I noticed that my plugins folder completely disappeared after initial update (not sure if it’s a bug or user error, but potentially the latter). You might want to check your wp-content folder to see if your plugins folders is still there- if it’s not, pull a backup of the site (i pray you’re using a backup plugin) and copy over the plugins folder. Worked for me.

Thanks John, I do have a backup plugin I’m using, but the problem is that I cannot get into my admin area at all now. When I go through FTP, I can see the plugins folder, it’s there alright, but I don’t know what to do now. My website address shows a blank white page now, and the admin shows a HTTP error 500, and the admin page shows this error message:

The website encountered an error while retrieving http://stitch56.com/wp-login.php?redirect_to=http%3A%2F%2Fstitch56.com%2Fwp-admin%2F&reauth=1. It may be down for maintenance or configured incorrectly.
Here are some suggestions:
Reload this webpage later.
HTTP Error 500 (Internal Server Error): An unexpected condition was encountered while the server was attempting to fulfill the request.

Helene have you tried using FTP to temporarily rename your plugins folder. This will cause WP to deactivate all plugins when you try to login. That can get you back in and then maybe you can see what plugin causes trouble by re-activating one at a time. If its WP e-Commerce you could roll back

Thanks so much for that suggestion gmason! It worked! Through that process, I’ve discovered that it’s actually WP e-Commerce itself that’s causing the problem. I renamed all the other plugins I have, and left only WPEC, and got the HTTP error 500 message again. As soon as I renamed WPEC plugin, my site works.
So now, I’m not sure what to do.

OK, and now it’s all good! I’ve updated the Gold Cart plugin, as well as WPEC, and it’s all working fine now. I also updated the theme I’m using – Splashing Pixels, Organico, and now I just need to go in and update the settings, and all should be back to normal. I hope!

THANK YOU SO MUCH! @mgason!!! My site is all fixed and running perfectly now! Thanks for your help, I really appreciate it!

How can I roll back to an older version? Too many bugs to be worth the trouble. Images don’t appear. Impossible to buy things. Turned my store into a bad blog.

Hello mike,

My name is Ray with the WP e-Commerce Support. Would you like to be one of our beta tester for the gold cart update? This will potentially solve the problem that you are having. Please send me an email at ray@instinct.co.nz if you are interested.
Thank you,

Hi Mike,

I’m Gary, lead developer of WP e-Commerce.

If you follow our instructions on how to back up properly your site before every upgrade, you’ll be able to restore both your database and files using the tools we recommended (backup buddy and vaultpress).

However, if you hadn’t made a proper backup, you can only restore the plugin files (not the database) by:
– Deactivate WP e-Commerce.
– Downloading the previous version from
– Extract that package and upload it to your wp-content/plugins folder, overwriting your current wp-e-commerce files.
– Reactivate WP e-Commerce again.

Guys, thanks for the analytics integration, but I’m confused. I assume this works with GA Eccomerce tracking? Is there any documentation or even basic instructions for integrating with WPEC? Thank you!

Correct, this works with Google Analytics E-Commerce. All you need to do is go to Settings > Store > Marketing – go to the Google Analytics box at the bottom, and enter your Tracking Code. That should be all you need to do – you can read through all the settings in that box for further information.

Thanks, Justin. E-Comerce is still not recognizing purchases, even with the tracking code entered in WPEC. Any tips for debugging?

Hi John,

We have tracked down what’s causing this issue and will include the fix in our upcoming release.

Thanks for your patience.


After upgrading I can no longer get proportional product thumbnails. The products (list) page and the individual product pages will only display square, cropped thumbnails. Anyone else having this problem, or a solution?

Hello Ken,

My name is Ray with the WP e-Commerce Support. Would you like to be one of our beta tester for the gold cart update? This will potentially solve the problem that you are having. Please send me an email at ray@instinct.co.nz if you are interested.
Thank you,

Hi Ken,

I’m Gary Cao, lead developer of WP e-Commerce.

I’d like to know more about your thumbnail settings. Please go to Settings->Presentation and list here the current thumbnail settings that you have.

A screenshot of how the thumbnails should have looked like versus how it is currently look like now would also help tremendously.


After updating, the “buy now” button on my product page is no longer working – it redirects to my main index page.

Hi Madison,

What browser are you using? It would help a lot if you could provide us with an URL to your store so that we can start debugging.



Hello headturningmedia,

My name is Ray with the WP e-Commerce Support. Would you like to be one of our beta tester for the gold cart update? This will potentially solve the problem that you are having. Please send me an email at ray@instinct.co.nz if you are interested.
Thank you,

Will there be backorder/preorder function implemented in the wpec 4 version? What do you think about the release time?

Hello Denes,

my name is Ray with WP e-Commerce support. I’ve checked our google code archive and backorder/preorder functionality is not in our backlog just yet. Therefore I don’t have an ETA for the release time.


I have a little different problem with new version of e-commerce.

So, I can not see any products on my admin products page. There is only table and in left corner is typed “All products: 86”.

Also I have problem with “Add New” page. When I click it, I see only blank page.
It is strange, because my server does not log any bug in php code, so I can not find where the crush is.

Can you help me ?

Hi Witek,

My name is Ray from WP eCommerce Support.

That is certainly a weird problem that you have there. Can you email me the credentials to your site at ray@instinct.co.nz so I can investigate your issue?

Thank you,

I tried the new release and I can´t get my Screen Options, on the upper right corner of my Products page, to work properly.
When I try to set the page to show me 20 products, I only get 10 and the small page-squares on the right, just disappear…
Thanks in advance for your help
Best regards

Hi Raf,

My name is Ray from WP eCommerce. This seems to be a bug. I will notify the dev team regarding this issue.

Thank you,

Brand new install 3.8.9, Twenty Eleven, WordPress 3.4.2
Transaction results page shows thank you message and order details twice

Mihai here with WP e-Commerce support.
We had several people reporting that but it looks like its something random.
Here is something you can try, edit the file wpsc-transaction_results.php under wpsc-theme or in your theme folder if you moved it from Presentation and remove the “echo” part from it.

I have another problem that started around the time the upgrade to WPEC 3.8.9 came out. I keep getting emails through from the shopping cart that are blank transactions. Here’s what it looks like:

Transaction Details
Sale Log ID: Purchase #
Subtotal: $0.00
Tax: $0.00
Shipping: $0.00
Total: $0.00
Payment Method:
Shipping Method:
Shipping Option:
Name Price Quantity Item Total

I get approx 1-2 emails a day like this, and I can’t work out where they’re coming from. The transactions don’t show up in the admin section, but the email “From” and “Subject” are exactly like they would be real orders.

Any ideas anyone?

OK, I’ve tried troubleshooting this by changing the email address in Settings/Store but the blank emails still keep coming. I don’t know if it’s because people are trying to order and there’s a problem with the system, or if it’s something else. Is anyone else experiencing this?

ok, turns out it was spammers messing with me and my site. what a boring, miserable little life they must have! sad really.

Hey .

Suddenly I can’t update the shipping price of any product. I change it and after I update it goes back to zero ! any clues ?

Thanks guys !

Hello Nicolas,

My name is Ray from WP eCommerce Support.

Can you send me your credentials to ray@instinct.co.nz? I will try to help you out. Please provide me with steps to reproduce your problem. (screenshots if possible)

Thank you,

Wow, another swift kick in the booty to get us on track tawrod our passions!Great review, I’ll definitely get it through your link when I finish the books I’m currently working on..-= Ken Kurosawa s last blog .. =-.


Using Storefront Edge theme.

My store is completely broken since the upgrade. Then downgrade and it’s still broken. What was the reason behind the upgrades anyways? More grief or job security?

Hello dcescott,

My name is Ray from WP eCommerce Support. I apologize for your frustration. First of all, in order to downgrade your WP site, we recommend using http://ithemes.com/purchase/backupbuddy/ there have been data base changes for the 3.8.9 upgrade. As for the reasons behind the upgrade is listed above, “144 enhancements and bug fixes”.

Thank you,

Does this update work with GoldCart yet? Is there an update coming out for GoldCart soon? Authorize.net CIM doesn’t work properly with 3.8.9 and Gold Cart.

So if you’re using Gold Cart, don’t upgrade to 3.8.9 just yet and stay tuned for our Gold Cart release due out this Friday,any word on this update,i would welcome being a test subject

My server provider helped me to go a day back in time, so now I’m back in action. I will think twice before trying to upgrade again..

Any place to download beta of the new Gold Cart to see if this solves my problems? When can we expect the official update to arrive?

WP e-Commerce has an incompatibility with WordPress’s Jetpack plug-in that disables all individual product pages by removing the “add to cart” button and the product thumnails, so there is no way to make purchases except from category pages.

Have noticed that if you hit “add to cart” on the single product page, an order is created before checkout process is started.
This is not removed if “empty your cart” is chosen.

I’m a standard user, no gold cart.
(I do use Jetpack… if this is related to the above observation)

Looks like there may be a small syntax error in your wpsc_the_product_price_display() price display function — looks like it’s not displaying the classes properly:

missing the class=”…”

Unless this is something only on my end….

WPML Multilingual CMS Version 2.6.0, WP ECommerce Version and BizWay Pro Responsive Version 1.9

What steps will reproduce the problem?
1. http://www.vtox2u.com/vtox2unew/wp-admin/post.php?post=932&action=edit. Product > Add new > Then translate. The permalink before published is http://www.vtox2u.com/vtox2unew/zh-hans/products-page/vtox-prooducts/inner-cleanse-5/ but after published is http://www.vtox2u.com/vtox2unew/products-page/vtox-prooducts/inner-cleanse-5/. The entire language folder missing.

What is the expected output?
http://www.vtox2u.com/vtox2unew/zh-hans/products-page/vtox-prooducts/inner-cleanse-5/ ?

What do you see instead?
http://www.vtox2u.com/vtox2unew/products-page/vtox-prooducts/inner-cleanse-5/ ?

Links to screenshots

I upgraded before seeing the warning not to if you have Gold Cart, and subsequently deleted it and re-installed Now most of my customers are being charged 2-3 or more times what they should be fore shipping. No settings seem to have changed. Any ideas?

If I disable Gold Cart, would it be wise to go back to Anything to fix this, I’m losing a lot of sales because of the ridiculous shipping charges.

when i click on add to cart button, my cart counter disappears, and when i click on the next page it appears again..

My site is now broken after the “upgrade”, using standard (non-Gold Cart) e-Commerce and the Members Only package. The Products page is blank. I find that when I disable Jetpack I get the Products page to load, but I’m not going to turn off Jetpack for this. I’ll roll back to a previous version.

I installed and now add to cart doesn’t add anything to the cart. I do have Gold Cart but didn’t see anything about not updating if we have it until it was too late.

I’ve tried dissabling plug-ins including gold cart and also flushed cache and nothing works. I have an older backup but not as recent as I would like, can you be more specific about what files need to be copied over to roll back. I don’t want to copy my whole WP installation and site just the necessary files. This is a live site that is no longer working, please help quick!!!! I would love to see bigger warnings or oven better don’t release a product that breaks another one of your products esp. when they are meant to be used together. If both Gold Cart and WP-commerce were updated in tandem a lot of us likely wouldn’t have the issues we have.

WARNING: I installed and now the shop does NOT work at all! When entering a product category the headline just shows the first product name as headline (not the ctaegory, not the list of products) and nothing else. DO AVOID!

Hello Christian,
Mihai here with WP e-Commerce support.
Do you have Gold Cart installed too ? If yes there is an updated Gold Cart available too which is the latest official update.
Try enabling debug in the wp-config.php file and see what errors the page shows.

Yep, just did the upgrade as was seeing issues refered to above.

has products & “add-to-cart” buttons

Product being added to cart is still creating a part completed sale in transaction log.

Checkout process is working however.

Single page
http://www.sarisilk.co.uk/products-page/patterns/anise/ has no image thumb or “add-to-cart” button

Category view
Showing only first product in the category with no buttons.

I’m using the Plain plugin, no gold cart.
I have got the Membership plugin, a couple of Visser plugins (Printable invoices, Manual orders), using Jetpack, & Storefront Elegance as a theme.

I believe that this is worse that it was with…

On my purchase page I can only download gold cart 2.9.7, not

Where I can find the

Thank you

I have Gold 2.9.7 with e-Commerce 3.8.9 and what’s going on for me is that it adds the product to the cart, but when I’m going through Check Out, I enter all the information. Everything works up until I press PURCHASE. When I press purchase, I get no message or anything. All that happens is that it refreshes and starts all over where it asks for zip code. It never gets posted to the as an order.

I’m not going to manually update since everyone is still having problems. I’m hoping there’s an update through the system when it’s actually working.

In the meantime, I’m going to have to look for another solution since I’m losing a ton of money waiting for this to get fixed.

If anyone has any clue how to get this working, please let me know. I really don’t want to have to setup my shopping cart all over again. Unfortunately it looks like the only solution is to go with a shopping cart that works.

Sorry… let me be more specific with e-Commerce… it’s version to be exact. Gold is 2.9.7.

Hi Mihai,

Why isnt it saying there’s an update via WordPress like it did for

I’d really prefer not having to do it manually but will if I have to.

Hi Mihai,

The download I was sent with my API Key was 2.9.7. The system is not telling me that there’s an update to

Now what?

Hello Scott,
If you feel it is an urgent issue and it seems it can be something related to your setup, please post a premium support token and we will take a look at the problem.


The latest WPEC ( + GC has added a bug.

I had my initial products screen showing just the category thumbs. Clean, nice.

Now it also shows shows ALL products underneath that, regardless of your Store/Presentation “Select what product category you want to display on the products page:” setting.

Hello minty,
Mihai here with WP e-Commerce support.
I just tried to reproduce what you are reporting and it seems it is working fine on my setup.
You can try posting a support topic and we can take a better look at the issue.


Hi, the new version has an issue with single product thumbnail with our site. i recently using then upgraded to the latest version. I found out that single product thumbnail width does not match to the admin thumbnail settings.


We recently upgraded a client’s site and found the checkout wasn’t working, in Internet Explorer 9.

After some regression tests it seems that wpsc-simple-shipping plugin is causing the problem, what’s your suggestion for fixing this?



I solved this problem by going back through admin panel and clearing the cache on the plugin.

It seems to be working OK!


Just upgraded and now when I click on check out page I have a Internal Server Error

The server encountered an internal error or misconfiguration and was unable to complete your request.

Please contact the server administrator, webmaster@mainecrafts.net and inform them of the time the error occurred, and anything you might have done that may have caused the error.

More information about this error may be available in the server error log.

Additionally, a 500 Internal Server Error error was encountered while trying to use an ErrorDocument to handle the request.
Apache Server at mainecrafts.net Port 80

LIVE SITE. Please can you help asap?

Thank you so much.

SOLVED!!! No clue why it happened and no clue why it is fixed now but it is now working.

Thanks 🙂

I’m experiencing some troubles with shipping costs per product.
If I put a large number (four digits, for example 2500) as shipping cost. It changes to “2” instead when I hit “Save updates”. Sometimes it happens the second time I hit “Save updates” – for example after another edit.

Same error with, however I’ve fixed it by editing the file wpsc-admin/includes/display-items-functions.php by changing line 441 to:

$val = number_format($val, 2, ‘.’, ”);

Hello Gary
We have spoken briefly before.
I have had issues with this plugin for sometime now regarding items not being removed from the inventory when purchased, automated purchase emails not being sent as well as other issues. I have run the same setup on my test site and all works fine so I think the only way to sort out the issues is to uninstall the plugin and then re-install wp e-commerce. Is there a way to do this without losing all my products. I have over 700 active products and do not want to uninstall wp e-commerce and then re-install to find all my products are gone, it would be heart breaking.
Your help in this matter would be greatly appreciated.
Thanks kindly

Checkout page broken for me too .. everything as normal before you add a product to cart, then that works if you are logged-in, but if you are not logged-in then the checkout page stops loading before the content (Last line is: )

I’ve tried to get the latest GoldCart from latest_gc but its still saying 2.9.7? I have to get this emailed to me?

Oh rite “So if you’re using Gold Cart, don’t upgrade to 3.8.9 just yet and stay tuned for our Gold Cart release due out this Friday. ”
I don’t remember it saying that in WP Admin .. ! Are you telling me I’ve spent hours tryin to debug a broken website because I clicked the upgrade button within WP Admin? This will be out today?

“Support is open and consultants are standing by…”
Where is it then???? Only spam appearing in the community forum (jemqisit) so far and you only have a few working hours of the week left. I’ve wasted hours on this, and I am not happy at all.

Hi sonic
“Support is open and consultants are standing by” Refers to “premium” support. Public forums are not covered by support staff. Public forum support is provided via the WPEC community.
There is a Gold Cart dev release that we can provide through a premium support topic. It will be public very soon.
We’re sorry for the inconvenience. We’re working as quickly as possible to resolve remaining issues.

I should not have to get my credit card out just to have a conversation with you!! Why did you even release the WPEC update if you knew it was incompatible with your own GC plugin? Without telling anyone that hasn’t visited this page?! I pressed the update button assuming it was now a public release, and knowing there was a whole day available for support in NZ, I waited all day for an acknowledgement of the issue, having seen others in the same situation, all I wanted was an update, some advice… at the very least you should have had a notice on the update within WP Admin to warn GC users to not upgrade ..

We are always sorry when customers are disappointed and we understand your frustration.
While normally we would not release a core product when the upgrade didn’t match, in this case there were some unforeseen circumstances despite testing. We’ve been working with Gold Cart customers via the premium forum. As noted in the community forums, they are not monitored by staff.
We repeatedly did state in our documentation to back up before upgrading and that’s standard advice for WordPress or any website CMS you should have in routine practice. We recommend Backup Buddy or any of the many plugins available for this purpose.
Even what appears to be a working upgrade things could come up unexpectedly in the live site upgrade…. if you have a backup you can be back to normal in less than 20 minutes.

All of that aside, we are working to help customers receive the updates and keep their stores running as expected. If you have Gold Cart, please lodge a ticket in the premium forum and we’d be more than happy to help.

Thanks Edward but I can’t, says no tokens left… I don’t expect free support, but this is not a premium support issue; it’s a bug report. I just need confirmation of that, so I can stop wasting hours searching for a reason. I certainly shouldn’t have to pay to get!

I understand we all have tech probs sometimes; but the lack of information is what winds me up, this page still says the GC update is “due out this Friday”. I waited up till 4am for that.

Yes I have full backups, but I presume this issue will be fixed very soon?! And tbh I’m worried about a backup restoration going wrong and getting me into even more trouble, also in restoring I will loose several days of product updates etc.

The community driven forum is a great idea, but there’s nobody there… and there is a difference between people asking for help with their project; rather than people asking for advice regarding an update going wrong.

All I want is a conversation with somebody from the team, I am willing to help, to test, provide you with access to my site, anything.

Like its occurred to me that theme files moved into a custom theme folder will not have been updated, and that includes “wpsc-shopping_cart_page.php” – that starts with a $_SESSION and I read above that this is something which has changed, so this has to have something to do with it? Though the problem still exists when using TwentyEleven. Any assistance will be very much appreciated.

i switched off shipping – but the sale then doesn’t go through as it tells the customer that the item can’t be shipped to that location – no sales

I checked mine and it does get to the payment gateway so maybe slightly different to your experience. No news other than that all day then……..

is anyone else getting this problem at checkout ?- cannot be shipped to Great Britain. To continue with your transaction please remove this product from the list below. – so frustrating shop wont work

We are in the wrong place to be discussing this really, but have you checked Target Markets? In Store settings. Sounds like maybe GB is disallowed there or something. Only guessing really, but some help is better than none eh …

Hi sonic – yes have checked tarket markets – all obvious things have been checked and rechecked. Do you think its best to wait for the cart upgrade? Is that happening – i am confused

When I activate shipping, my checkout page is blank. When I deactivate shipping, the checkout page is back, but no shipping to be selected of course. [version]

I have the same problem, and it’s imposible to find a answer in the web. Please can anyone help us, please!!

When I click on the products tab in the sidebar of the admin panel the products page goes blank. Anyone have an idea how to fix this. This is in the back of wordpress.

I am hoping this gets fixed in the next couple days.

Oddly, I had it working for a while. I fiddled with my PHP config, the session.save_path issue from months ago. I didn’t actually get anywhere with it, but suddenly, everything started working.
This “miraculous” fixing of itself has been echoed at least once on about 4 different threads on this topic. Now though, it’s back to not working 🙁

I have two wacky ideas about this:
1. I wonder if the issue is how the data is begin input into the database – and somehow, an update to the any settings causes either the correct input or, more commonly, the incorrect one. Essentially could the shipping feature be corrupting a table or row, and somewhere another setting is correcting it as a side-effect? Could explain why it fixes without us knowing why, and then for me, breaks again without knowing why.
2. Maybe it’s a php ownership issue? I have another plugin’s php suddenly saying it cannot create files, even though permissions are 755. I wonder if virtual ownership of some php configuration or feature is preventing what should otherwise be working. This could explain why fiddling with the php ini via cpanel one day works, and why it would, on it’s own, change back the next (article on virtual ownership by PHP programs). Maybe the use of sessions or cookies and such is conflicting with typical server settings.

You would think they would test to make sure a plugin for an online shop worked with “shipping” enabled…

I’m looking for some sample Varnish vcls, I’m finding with that my cart contents are being cleared between pages. Has anyone got this working with Varnish 3?

I have an error, after get a success order.
I’m use german WP 3.5.1 with e-commerce
On the transaction result page, and in notification emails there are english words, like: “Thank you, your purchase is pending. You will be sent an email once the order clears.”
But the page are german, and all text are german too.
In the customer notification email, there are english words too:
Name Price Quantity Item Total”

It’s seems that e-commerce not translate these strings. (but they are in language files)

Please fix it!
Thank you!

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