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Downloading digital files from WordPress has never been seamless- but Download Status Manager makes it easier than ever to have a professional mp3 download manager.  Selling music, chapters to a book, or any other downloadable grouped products? Download Status Manager is your new best friend.

Using the plugin, when customers select multiple related files- musical tracks from an album, or chapters in a book, or graphics in a pack- they'll be presented with a sleek download widget.  Instead of downloading items one by one, they are elegantly downloaded with progress visualization into a bundled zip file.  If you've got 15 tracks in an album, customers are now clicking three times instead of fifteen.

Plugin Features:

  • Provides a simple and convenient way for your customers to download your files
  • Ships with two themes, black slick and silver slick that can be implemented in the dashboard. And more on the way - community themes welcome.
  • If you are a web designer and have a little understanding of css then creating your own theme for this widget is really easy. The Plugin has been designed in a way that makes plugging in a new custom theme a really easy and painless affair. Just follow the steps in the readme.
  • Integration with our Amazon S3 Plugin.

Reduce clicks, improve sales! Download single items as a zip with progress bar. Perfect for grouped products (CDs, books, etc.)

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