Square Payments

from $99.00

Square helps businesses of all sizes to start, run and grow with intuitive, powerful tools

  • Accept every payment, everywhere
    The new Square Reader lets you dip EMV chip cards and accept NFC payments like Apple Pay. You can also swipe magnetic-stripe cards with the included magstripe reader.
  • Fast deposits, clear pricing
    Pay 2.65% per swipe for Visa, Mastercard, Discover and American Express. See deposits in your bank account in one to two business days.


  • Since this is an initial release at the moment you can only use Square to accept all major credit cards with WP eCommerce
  • More features will come in future updates
  • Compatible with Theme Engine 2.0

eProcessing Network

from $79.00

If you are looking to accept credit cards online for your business, then you will need a payment gateway. The ePN Payment Gateway is your secure connection between your website and your merchant account. ePN offers online shopping carts for your online store and can also integrate into all major third party shopping carts.

Gift Certificates

from $99.00


Currently in beta, our newest offering allows you to sell gift certificates for your customers to use.


from $99.00

Love Xero? Love selling stuff on your WordPress site with WP eCommerce? Combining the two seems like a no-brainer. Xero for WP eCommerce will automatically create invoices and customers in Xero whenever a purchase is made on your store

After installation, whenever a payment is received, order and customer details will be securely sent to Xero, keeping your accounts up to date and everything in sync.

Do beautiful business with Xero.. and WP eCommerce. Automatically and in the background.



AffiliateWP provides world-class affiliate tracking and management, right in your WordPress installation.

The First Data Global Gateway e4℠ web service API is a web service that allows third-party applications to process transactions through the Global Gateway e4℠ system. The range of processing scenarios (Purchase, Refund, Pre-Authorization, etc.) enable flexible and powerful ways to implement custom business logic.

This module supports Authorize & Capture (Sale).

You will need a FirstData Global Gateway merchant account.
NOTE: If, you are using a previous version of FirstData (also known as Linkpoint), which needs a PEM file then, please use the gateway that is found within the Gold Cart package

USA ePay Payments

from $79.00

The USA ePay Plugin implements the USA ePay credit card gateway as an WP eCommerce Plugin payment method.

Mijireh Payments

from $79.00

Mijireh for WP eCommerce allows you to integrate Mijireh Payment Gateway into your WP eCommerce store.

Mijireh provides a fully PCI DSS payment gateway solution with support for 99 payment gateways including:

  • Stripe
  • PayLeap
  • PayPal Pro
  • Braintree
  • eWay
  • Sage Pay

Please visit the Mijireh website for additional information about their payment services. SIM

from $79.00

Are you looking to use’s SIM integration? Look no further. This plugin allows you to easily integrate the Payment Gateway into your WordPress e-Commerce web store.

What is SIM?, one of the most popular and respected merchant gateways in the world, offers multiple ways to utilize their gateways. SIM stands for Server Integration Method.

SIM uses scripting techniques to authenticate transactions with a unique transaction fingerprint.

The Authorize.Net Payment Gateway can handle all the steps in the secure transaction process – payment data collection, data submission and the response to the customer – while keeping Authorize.Net virtually transparent.

  • Payment gateway hosted payment form employs 128-bit SSL data encryption.
  • Digital fingerprints enhance security, providing multiple layers of authentication.
  • Customize the look and feel of the payment gateway hosted payment form and/or receipt page.
Who should use SIM?

SIM provides a customizable, secure hosted payment form to make integration easy for Web merchants that do not have an SSL certificate.

What is the difference between AIM and SIM?

AIM (Advanced Integration Method) and SIM differ in a few ways.

AIM can be used on your own website, SIM is processed on, ensuring a secure process (important for PCI compliance). AIM can be accessed via mobile, SIM can not. For AIM, a SSL is required. For SIM, it is not (because the processing is handled externally on At a basic level, AIM offers more control, SIM offers more security. For more on these choices, see’s comparison. 

AIM is offered standard as part of WP e-Commerce Gold Cart.

For more information on, check out their site at

DPS PX Pay Payments

from $97.00

Utilizing the DPS PX Pay Gateway for Australia and New Zealand? This plugin provides the DPS PX Pay gateway integration for WP eCommerce.

PX Pay allows merchants to send transactions to Payment Express and directs your customers to a SSL secure payments page at which the user will be prompted to enter their credit card details and complete the transaction. The result is displayed and the user is automatically directed back to your website.  Easy to install.

Amazon S3 Integration

from $69.00

Stop slow websites!  The Amazon S3 plugin allows you to place the downloadable products from your store in the Amazon S3 cloud instead of hosting on your own site.

Amazon provides a service called Simple Storage Service, or S3-  great service for hosting and storing your files online, cheaply.  With S3, you only pay for what you use, giving it the name “the elastic cloud”.  By storing your downloadable files in the cloud instead of on your site, you increase download speeds exponentially, as well as reducing the amount of storage needs on your own hosting.

Super simple to install, connects easily with your Amazon S3 account.

MP3 Download Manager

from $69.00

Downloading digital files from WordPress has never been seamless- but Download Status Manager makes it easier than ever to have a professional mp3 download manager.  Selling music, chapters to a book, or any other downloadable grouped products? Download Status Manager is your new best friend.

Using the plugin, when customers select multiple related files- musical tracks from an album, or chapters in a book, or graphics in a pack- they’ll be presented with a sleek download widget.  Instead of downloading items one by one, they are elegantly downloaded with progress visualization into a bundled zip file.  If you’ve got 15 tracks in an album, customers are now clicking three times instead of fifteen.

Plugin Features:

  • Provides a simple and convenient way for your customers to download your files
  • Ships with two themes, black slick and silver slick that can be implemented in the dashboard. And more on the way – community themes welcome.
  • If you are a web designer and have a little understanding of css then creating your own theme for this widget is really easy. The Plugin has been designed in a way that makes plugging in a new custom theme a really easy and painless affair. Just follow the steps in the readme.
  • Integration with our Amazon S3 Plugin.

The Digital Downloads Importer Plugin allows you to easily bulk import .pdf, .zip, .odt and any other file type, excepting  jpgs*.

If you’re tired of uploading digital products one at a time, Digital Downloads Bulk File Importer for WordPress is exactly what you’re looking for.  Use the streamlined interface to make setting up your store painless.  For more information read the readme

*jpgs are used for product and post images. You can already upload them easily, but allowing them via the plugin would cause conflicts.

bbPress SPAM Killer

from $97.00

Tired of the endless SPAM in your bbPress WordPress forums?  We were too, and so we created a plugin just to solve the problem.

bbPress SPAM Killer for WordPress stops bbPress SPAM from infiltrating your forums. The plugin creates a pending topic and reply pool.  First time posters will have their topics or replies automatically put into this pool, and administrators will be emailed the topic or reply for approving.

Once you’ve approved the first post from a user, they can post unmoderated in the future.  If you decline or flag a post from a user, that user is banned from the forums and their posts will automatically go to the banned topic pool. Those posts are blocked from Google indexing and aren’t searchable in the forums.

Additional features:

  • A bulk option to spam topics quickly
  • Bulk option to approve topics
  • Settings to let you have full control over the emails that get sent with the moderation process.
  • A block link on your users profile pages (Requires a slight theme modification – see installation). This block link is the same as a forum moderator declining a topic.
  • Spammed topics automatically block the users who created the topics! IE if you spam a topic then the user is blocked any other topics they post will go to the banned topic pool.

Fedex Shipping

from $79.00

The Fedex Shipping Plugin for WP e-Commerce is an industry standard shipping calculator that allows shop owners with a Fedex account the ability to provide their customers with Fedex Shipping Quotes as the customer goes through the checkout process. As the customer completes their order the shipping cost provided by Fedex is added to the total amount your customer must pay.

The Fedex Shipping Plugin only requires that;

  • WP e-Commerce Plugin 3.7.x and above
  • server running PHP 5 and above
  • valid Fedex Account
  • weight details for each tangible product

The Fedex Shipping Plugin is necessary for all shop owners that want to use updated and live Fedex shipping rates.

*For use in the US only

Stripe Payments

from $79.00

Stripe  integration has landed at WP e-Commerce.  This Plugin allows you to integrate Stripe with the WP eCommerce Plugin store. Stripe, which is quickly gaining popularity as the to go payment option, wins points for its incredibly ease of use.

For more information please visit the Stripe website.

Stripe requires a valid SSL certificate.

Restrict content by creating a membership site or create subscription for products on your website. Our improved Members and Subscription Plugin has an improved interface, better instructions and is easier to use with expanded functions.

Using this plugin involves five basic steps:

1. Set up a subscription.

2. If the subscription can be sold, associate the subscription with a product.

3. Set up notifications for the subscription so subscribers/members will receive information about their subscription.

4. Choose the content that a subscription includes membership to.

5.  Administrate members for the subscription from the subscription tab.

This plugin allows you to create multiple subscriptions, and for each subscription, create multiple options for length of membership, cost of membership, and how the membership recurs: automatically or manually. Restrict as much or as little content as you’d like to create a premium content website.  Add members via purchase or manually yourself, and customize notifications to your users for the end of their subscriptions or non subscribers who land on restricted content.


Note : Membership plugin only works with PayPal, Stripe, and

Gold Cart

from $99.00

Gold Cart our most popular extension. Features Grid view, Multiple product images, Product Gallery View, Live Product search.

The following features come bundled with the Gold Cart Plugin.


  • Grid view

    WP eCommerce  alone provides only list view for products. The Gold Cart extension provides Grid View, a more compact way to present your products.


  • Multiple product image support
  • Product Gallery View

    If you want to show multiple product views on product page you’re going to need this feature

gallery demo

  • Live Product search

Live Search


Payment Gateways

Integration with 14 payment gateways. We’ve included the most popular options in this bundle.

  • AIM, ARB, CIM (Requires valid SSL)
  • DPS / PxAccess (DPS Hosted [No SSL Required])
  • DPS – PxFusion (Merchant Hosted, [Requires valid SSL])
  • (No SSL required)
  • Sagepay (previously Protx [No SSL required]) Not the new US gateway
  • Eway Access (Rapid API, [Requires valid SSL])
  • Bluepay (Requires valid SSL)
  • iDeal (ABN AMRO [No SSL required])
  • eWay (Rapid API 3.1 Direct Connection method, Requires valid SSL)
  • LinkPoint (Firstdata, Uses .PEM files, [Requires valid SSL])
  • Paypal – Payflow Pro (Requires valid SSL)
  • Virtual Merchant (Requires valid SSL)


  • WP eCommerce 3.8.9.x or later

Additional Information

  • Gold Cart Plugin is recommend for smaller businesses that are comfortable using WordPress as a CMS and for users that feel comfortable installing Plugins. Developers with less WordPress experience who feel they may need additional support from WP eCommerce should consider purchasing the Gold Cart Plugin for Developers.
Please Note: Some options may not be accepted by some merchant systems as fully PCI DSS compliant. If you require a fully PCI DSS compliant checkout process we suggest the following options: