Premium Support Token


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Premium support works with an email ticketing system. We used a support token system. Meaning that every issue is considered a token. A support token will be valid for a year, but it can only be used for one time issue.

Steps to receive support from Support Team

  1. Fill out the form at
    Note: Please fill out the WP admin credentials, FTP credentials and give us permission to perform "Normal testing & debugging often requires support to disable non store plugin and enable the default Wordpress theme".
  2. An email will be sent to our ticketing system. We will be alerted with an email from the ticketing system
  3. One of the support team will attend to the ticket.
  4. Communication will be via email. Please reply to the email as it will be tagged as a ticket.

Out of support tokens? top up! Each support token will give you the ability to get Premium 1-on-1 Support.