Official Release

The release of WP e-Commerce is now available. This is a maintenance release that fixes a few important issues that users were having with the 3.8.8 release.

The following issues have been addressed in

* CSV sales export now puts the item quanity in a separate column from the
  product title.
* Core checkout fields cannot be restored if they were deleted before upgrading
  to 3.8.8.
* Insecure SSL resources when WordPress is using SSL, or "Force SSL Checkout"
  is enabled.
* Issue with WPML and Variations.
* Shipping & Total Order values are wrong on Sales Log page.
* Terms and Conditions - Checkout page breaks if you read the terms and
* Total shipping value and total price incorrect in transaction results.
* Variation sales prices are inaccurate in Product Specials Widget

As always before upgrading it is advised to make a full backup of your site (wp-content directory and a Database backup). If you’re unsure of how to make a backup then we would recommend you use Backup Buddy.

Once backed up you can upgrade your WP e-Commerce plugin from within your plugins menu or you can download the latest version from WordPress and upload it via FTP.

If you’re having any problems or questions about this release or how to upgrade, please don’t hesitate to let us know via this blog post.

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Hello, great to see an updated .. but ..
After upgrading I got the message “This plugin has been disabled because the plugin does not have a valid header.” Now if I try to install WPEC from scratch it fails saying the folder already exists. Any ideas?

Hi sonic1243,

I’m Gary, lead dev of WPEC.

I tested the update on a vanilla install of WordPress and did not run into the issue you were having. Therefore we need more details in order to figure out what could have gone wrong with your update:

– What method did you use to update WPEC? Automatic update or manual update?

– What does the plugin header (the section that starts with /** and end with **/ in wp-shopping-cart.php look like?

– Have you tried to manually re-install the plugin yet? Download the zip file from this URL:

Then extract it, and use an FTP program to upload and overwrite the wp-e-commerce plugin folder on your server (which usually is located at wp-content/plugins/wp-e-commerce).

I guess somehow you could have received a corrupted plugin file from wordpress.org. Usually re-downloading and re-installing would solve this issue.


Hi, I replied to you via email. Im sure this is just a problem that you may have more than one copies of WP e-Commerce in your plugins directory.
But I will update this blog post when I know what the problem was for this chap.

Hi Guys,

Not to sure what happened with the auto update here, but I have resolved this issue. When the auto update was run the wp-shopping-cart.php file with the plugin header in it became completely blank and failed. Uploading a new version would also fail as the file names are the same. I have run some auto upgrades myself to test for problems and I cant reproduce.


Everything is kind alright. Thanks for update.

The only important thing I am missing after update to is that clients doesn’t receive any emails. doesn’t fix that either.

Would love to receive help,
Regards, Arturas

Hi Arturas.

Michelle here from WPEC

Thanks for your feedback on this update. It sounds like you dont have something configured correctly here. Can you confirm that emails are working from your server? (eg if you create a new user in WP does the site admin receive an email).

Also check that the admin email options are all filled out in the settings > store >admin page, the setting you want to check is called “Purchase Log Email:”

So if thats all filled out and working then the only other thing I could think it would be is that your payments are been marked as order received and not payment accepted? The admin will only get emailed if the payment in the sales log is updated to payment accepted.


Thanks for this helpful release. However it doesn’t fix every issues (one know if it is only possible ;)) but one more would be great.
I started using WPEC since previous version and it could’nt calculate correct shipping values as I added one or more variation products in the shopping cart.
Whatever internal shipping calculator I use, I still face it in
Everything works perfectly fine with any other standard product.
Any help trying to solve this would be very appreciated.
Regards, Axel

Thanks to Lee WILLIS. I noticed I didn’t removed the shipping charges from the product’s variations. Be carefull with that.
Problem solved.

Hi Rae,

WP e-commerce has no support for partial refunds or full refunds. Depending on your payment gateway you can process your refunds through their interface. You will need to manually update your sales log page to reflect the refund though.

This is something that we are going to be looking at integrating into future versions.


Hey Axel,

Michelle here from WPEC looks like Lee already solved this for you but please let us know if your still having problems!
Thanks for jumping in Lee!


Hi Mark,

That patched was flagged for so it looks like it was included. Please let us know if your still having problems with this.


Hi Hans,
This patch has been included in the release 🙂
Let us know if you have any problems with it.


Hi Hans,

Im terribly sorry I would just like to correct myself here. 990 has been included 991 is still under going testing so has not made it’s way into I have spoken to the developers and they said that this patch is pretty solid now. If you would like I can apply this patch to a custom WPEC version for you so you can have the fix early.

Sorry for getting the tickets mixed up before and telling you they were both committed!


Dear Mychelle

Very considerate from you, thanks a lot. We’ll follow the *issue991 on your Google Code repository and apply it as soon it becomes final.

Nonetheless, for the WPEC blog reader community it might be useful if you add the link to the final patch within this thread.

All the best,

Hi Hans,

I have spoken to the devs about this issue again its not going to become final untill the next major release of 3.8.9 this release still needs to be completed and run through the finishing stages so if you do need the fix (or any one else) I am happy to apply it.

For people that know SVN and things you can find the patch (diff) located at the bottom of the issue: http://code.google.com/p/wp-e-commerce/issues/detail?id=991


I updated to earlier today, and now I get a page not found error on all the categories and products.

Does this sound like it could be related?
Thank you,

Fixed by selecting No for Show Subcategory products in parent category.

Hi Celeste.
Glade to hear you resolved this one yourself a great tip is whenever you see 404 pages like that or things linking funny go to your WordPress Permalink settings and hit the save buttton twice. It will refresh your permalinks and normally fixes all 404 errors.


I’ve upgraded to Official release. I went to the Store Upgrades item on the WordPress menu tree, but all it seemed to refer to was the Gold Cart. I have Gold Cart 2.9.7 so I did not re-install it. However I still have missing images in my ‘Customers also bought’ display. I thought this was fixed in – Can you help?
thanks in advance

I just upgraded to in the hope it would fix some problems my client is on my back about. Here is an issue: if you have categories two levels deep i.e. parent category with children. I have my main products page with categories listed in it – both parent and child categories. If you choose a category all relevant prods display below, no probs. however if you choose a parent category all prods display below, but no longer in grid view. They are in list view. My settings say grid view and I am using gold cart. Why the list view if a parent cat is selected. Child cats are fine. This worked fine before the upgrade. I have tried soo hard to like this plugin for a year now, and have paid for goldcart, but the problems are always new and coming. Please advise!!! (on wp 3.3.2)

Just an update to my post above, it turned out that for some reason a setting for that parent category was list view, as an override to the default grid view in the main settings. Not sure how it happened, but glad I found it, and I take back my comment about “trying so hard to like this plugin”. This turned out to be no fault of yours, so, on the other hand, thanks for all your hard work with this upgrade.

Hi Mills,

Michelle here from WPEC thanks for updating your comment! Good luck with your store 🙂 I hope you enjoy the update.

Hello Michelle, Can you reply to my query above re missing images in the ‘customer also bought’ screen. Does this option work or not?

Hi albertandbrown,

Sorry if I missed your first comment.
Also bought images have been fixed you can see the issue here: http://code.google.com/p/wp-e-commerce/issues/detail?id=951 If you feel confident you can view the last patch and see the lines that need to be modfiyed. If your not feeling confident then I can patch this for you and send you the modified file. I will need to know what version of WPEC your running to ensure I make the change to the right file.


Hi albertandbrown,

I will patch this for you shortly and send it through to the email address associated with these comments.


Hi albertandbrown,

I sent it through the other day you should of received it unless email had a melt down I will repatch and send through now sorry about that!

Please let me know if you have still not received it in the next hour

Thanks Michelle, got the file, but it generated this error after I installed it and then tried to activate.

Parse error: syntax error, unexpected $end in /home/albertan/public_html/shop/wp-content/plugins/wp-e-commerce-alsobought/wpsc-includes/display.functions.php on line 387

Hi albertandbrown,

I have emailed you I’ll get this sorted with you via email.


hello Michelle,
I downloaded the plug-in again yesterday, it`s named wp-e-commerce. – – a new version?

I`ve been having problems with my checkout page not showing the add/remove form item buttons on explorer9,
and then completely crushing my checkout system after adding a form item with Google chrome…

Will this new version help fix this? thank you!

Hi Marmite.

Thanks for getting in contact with us, This issue sounds a bit more related to your setup and settings. Google checkout can be a bit temperamental at times. I doubt that this version will fix your problem. is the latest version and covers the fix for pagination with WP 3.4.

Are you a Gold Cart customer? If you are this sounds more like a job for premium support. Provide me with a link to your site and I would be happy to ahve a look at make some suggestions but it sounds like you might need a proper debug :).


The session data in $_SESSION[‘wpsc_cart’] is serialized by wpsc_serialize_shopping_cart. When i unserialize it, i get a incomplete object. So i can’t access the cart data with another plugin, or not?

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