WP e-Commerce 3.8.8-RC1

We’re happy to announce that 3.8.8 is ready for Release Candidate stage. What does RC1 (Release Candidate) mean? We’ve resolved all critical bugs and that this is the stable version proposed for final release, but one last check wouldn’t be such a bad thing, right?  When it is ready for a final release, we’ll call it just that.

Since beta 2, several minor issues were fixed:

* Fixed - User profile cannot be saved, and PHP warning is displayed.
* Fixed - The USPS ID is not stored correctly, resulting in "Array" being 
  displayed in the Settings text field.
* Fixed - Custom Meta copies values when adding new.
* Fixed - USPS settings not saving correctly.

We also added three new action hooks for developers who want to process PayPal IPN responses:

* New: 3 action hooks to process PayPal IPN responses: wpsc_paypal_pro_ipn,
  wpsc_paypal_standard_ipn and wpsc_paypal_express_ipn.

For a full list of features in this new version check out the 3.8.8-beta 1  blog post!

At this stage, we feel comfortable saying that this release is pretty much ready to be run in production environment. That being the case feel free to play with it or develop new projects using it. However, do not use this on a production site unless you know what you’re doing and of course, ALWAYS back up your site. (We know people say this often without giving advice on HOW to do so, so we’re recommending that you use Backup Buddy).

Please let us know if you run into any issues with this release candidate. You can either post your issues directly in the comment section below, or on our support forum. Of course, we always welcome the community to participate in contributing to the WP e-Commerce Plugin, so if you’re interested in working on the biggest WordPress Open Source project outside of WordPress itself consider signing up for our developers newsletter and getting involved.

We hope this is the final release candidate and look forward to pushing out the official release in the coming weeks.

>> Click here to download 3.8.8-rc1

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This is so far the neatest WP-e-Commerce version. Can not wait for the stable release.

Thanks for the feedback mate. If nobody reports any bugs this week then the following week 3.8.8 goes live 🙂

I have a slight problem. when I edit a product and type in the information, the information displays at the bottom of the page and also my additional description box is not functional. when I type anything in there nothing shows up on the main page. can u help me with these 2 issues?

Where do you want bugs reported?

There is no 3.8.8-RC1 forum under alpha-beta-release-candidates/

Hi Sysrsa. Can you please report the bugs here as comments or on google code for us 🙂

Good point Dan and another reoasn why online conversion rates still have a lot of room for improvement. Real personalisation is still some way off but it’s going to be fascinating to see how it develops.

Sounds good – any chance we’ll see some kind of official “free product” download solution in the near future?

We’ll see what we can do. Michelle knows more about upcoming features in that department than I do – if it’s not going to make it into core it should totally be made into a supported extension / Plugin 🙂

I’m still using I wan’t to try 3.8.8 RC1 to give you information. But I’m not a professional in the work with mysql. Maybe you can give mit informaiton if 3.8.8 will fix this problems:
1. At the end of shopping there is the site with information “Thank you for purchasing with %shop_name%, any items to be shipped…”. The translation into german don’t work event po- and mo file is correct. Is this fixed?
2. Breadcumbs don’t work right. It should be: shop > parentcategory > subcategory. Actual it is shop > subcategory > parentcategory > subcategory. Is this fixed?
3. “Show Subcategory Products in Parent Category” with NO don’t work. Products of Subcategory are always there in Parent Category. Is this fixed?

What is the expected GA date? Will the RC bits work with the FedEX, Gold Cart, and Slider plugins or will those need to be updated as well?

Third party Plugins / Themes have had MONTHS to test compatibility so hopefully they have all been keeping things updated.

In terms of our own core Plugins we are testing everything thoroughly and don’t expect any problems 🙂

Sorry, but the new site is a disappointment for me. The old site was fine, fuinntocal and easy to navigate. Anytime I try to search the new site I just get a 500 internal server error. Right now, as I type, target is loosing $$$ because of this error. Why did you have to go and change a good thing?!

The variations still has an issue with displaying the sorted order based on the admin side UI drag/drop.

In wpsc-includes/variations.class.php the filter(s) referenced are wpsc_variation_groups and wpsc_all_associated_variations

These filters aren’t actually the names of the ones added.

In wpsc-includes/category.functions.php both filters are named get_terms. The add_filter needs to be updated appropriately before it works.

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Hi Joe. We havent made a lot of changes in the theme department this time round. If you want to use Thesis there is a really awesome tutorial on how to integrate the WP e-Commerce Plugin with Thesis here:


The next upcoming major release of WP e-Commerce Plugin has a total template engine overhaul and should work with just about any theme on the planet including Thesis. You’re going to love it. Our premium Theme partners are already testing it.

Hi Dan,
That thesis tutorial builds the store products layout in css by hand – Eeek! Thats a lot of hard work to setup and not the most flexible option.

I have two Thesis sites ‘stuck’ on 3.7.x so looking forward to a WPEC vesion that works with it. If you need someone to test it let me know.

Regards, Mike.

– It doesn’t replace athnying, it only operates in conjunction with contact form 7. what happens, it uses contactform7 as the actual work horse and copies the form to tave. You will receive an email from tave and one from your site containing the form.

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Hi Dan,
Do you know the version number of the ‘next upcoming major release ‘ which should work with thesis? Any idea about a release date? We’re looking at migrating a client off Thesis but there’s probably little point doing that if an upcoming WPEC release will work with it.
Thanks, MIke.

Hi Mike,

Michelle here from WPEC the new template engine wont be out for a while I would suggest you make the move. The template engine is currently under development but is going to require alot of testing time I believe its planed for 3.9 and just like you we can’t wait!


Hi Adnan,

We’ll be releasing RC2 very soon, we are anticipating that to be the last RC release before the stable release. If everything goes to plan, less than a couple weeks!

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I have a lot of problems translating the Checkout form proposed by WP eCommerce (I have the version). I am working with WPML and the two plugins don’t work together. Did you solve this issue??

Hi niconico,

I’m Gary from WPEC. We’re aware of the issues with WPML at the moment and are working with WPML devs to resolve these issues.

Once these issues are addressed, we will announce another minor release with the fixes.

I think I’ve found a bug. When I change my status of an order in the sales log it’s not changing. It does change when I perform an action (for multiple items) from the dropmenu. Does anyone else also experience this bug?

During debuging I got svaerel errors for index not found in arrays , so I was forced to check this out through xdebug, where I’ve discovered that WPML uses that option “icl_sitepress_version” in table wp_options ,which I’ve changed and it worked. It didn’t gave any indication for not completing the migration.Is there a problem for doing it like this?And by the way, shouldn’t the upgrade process give an error for low memory?

I have 46 pages of variations. I noticed that I can’t drag and drop a variation to another page. Maybe you could add a “display all pages” option? Or another way to move the variation?

The filter content for the Google Merchant feed removes the shortcode, but not all of it.

[tab title=”Description”] is removed except for the “Description”.

I have using Tweet old post for some time and I really like this uligpn as it helps me to drive traffic to my old posts Though we need to take care of few things like select categories carefully as there is no need to tweet outdated posts..

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