WPEC Dev Update, 3.8.9 Ready for Beta Testing

September 13: revision 2050: The following issues were fixed:

* "Downloadable items" section is output in transaction result
  emails even if there are no downloadable.
* Activating WP e-Commerce on a vanilla WordPress installation with
  pretty permalinks enabled messes up the rewrite rules.
* Add new variation sets and terms from Edit Product page doesn't
  work properly.
* Can't add variations on new products.
* Cart is not preserved after customer logs in.
* Email information in "Admin" settings tab is not displayed properly.
* Fatal error in checkout page form validation.
* Fatal error when upgrading from 3.7.x.
* Overzealous escaping by Justin.
* Parent product is still treated as if it had variations even though
  all its variations have been moved to trash or hidden (set to draft).
* Shipping method and option are not displayed on Sales Log single
  page if there is no shipping form fields.
* Update message is displayed even when the db has been updated.
* Upgrade notice is displayed on fresh install.
* Variation drag'n'drop is sorting is not working.

Download link has been updated.

August 27: revision 2012: The following issues were fixed:

* Fatal error when quick editing products (compatibility with WPML).
* Generated variations are not preserved when "Adding New Product".
* Free shipping doesn't reset individual cart items' shipping amounts
  when submitted to PayPal.
* Table rate shipping doesn't accept $0 amount.
* Placeholder image is missing for products without thumbnails.
* Coupon is not invalid is displayed even when there's no coupon applied.
* Improper html escaping in Price metabox.
* PHP Notices when adding new product.

August 20: revision 1994: The following issues were fixed:

* Database upgrade notice is displayed on fresh installs.
* Variation editor metabox is sometimes cut off.
* Checkout page has errors.

August 17: revision 1988: Two issues were fixed with database upgrade routine. Download link updated.

Last week, WPEC introduced a bold new concept: the WPEC Dev Network- a system created to help developers, users and WPEC as a company. Users get better support in the free forums and twitter, more trustworthy referrals to developers and more stable releases of WP e-Commerce. Developers get better referrals from users, and new developers are able to prove themselves alongside more established ones, while getting early access to new features. WPEC itself nets more beta testers and we’re able to spread support out to our free users.  Response so far has been 100% positive, with developers signing up and getting active and great response from the community at WordCamp San Francisco.

This coincides perfectly with our beta release for WPEC 3.8.9.  Usually, a number such as this would denote a “minor” release.  However, WPEC 3.8.9 is anything but minor as we continue our long hard march towards WPEC 4.0. We’d welcome any beta testers, and in particular, if you’re in our dev network, get credit for your review, make sure you sign up here— its free. All responses and feedback should be provided via our 3.8.9 forum.

Here’s what makes 3.8.9 such a step forward:

For Users:
  • Products
    • Variation Enhancement
      • Bulk editing
      • Improved image handling- upload & display variation images on checkout pages
      • Sale price enhancements
    • Product category image enhancements
    • Product duplication now includes product images
    • Limit products per country
    • Stock notification options: notify site owner or unpublish product when stock runs out
  • Shipping
    • New help hints throughout shipping setup to help you setup right
    • ShipWire/ Aussie Post Integration
    • Checkout pages default to lowest shipping option when user updates country
    • Canadian province codes added
  • Pricing/Payment/Checkout
    • Google Checkout
    • Product specials for variations
    • Custom checkout form per categories update
    • Coupon Conditions have been overhauled
    • Currency signs/symbol update
    • Product specials widget update to work with variations on sale, more configuation options
  • Presentation
    • Colorbox integration for images
    • New presentation page settings
    • Display products by price, name, & date, ascending & descending or your own custom order
  • Store Management
    • User roles integration and management (use with upcoming Roles & Capabilities Plugin)
    • Google Analytics Integration
    • Language updates- entire cart is now translatable, pushing for final languages
    • Target customers in specific countries
For Developers
  • Codebase
    • entire back-end AJAX  reviewed and refactored
      • eliminate security threats
      • new coding conventions introduced.
    • $_SESSION eliminated to eliminate caching issues on platforms like WPEngine- converted to cookies and transients.(Plugin developers, update your plugins!)
    • Transaction results API refactored
      • claimed stocks
      • purchase notifications
      • personalization fields
      • test gateway all affected
      • transaction results page
      • Hook into “transaction completed” event
      • Streamlined sales log status hook
      • Tags used in purchase notification and purchase report are now filterable via hook, supporting custom tags.
      • New hooks for transaction features, complete refactor, easier to code new plugins
  • Theming
    • Set custom image size per category
    • Dynamic CSS performance optimization
    • Sales log table UI update, with addition of filter to add custom columns
  • Administration
    • New hooks for user roles & capabilities
    • Bulk editing for products, product variations and duplication
    • Checkout form update including ability to delete forms
    • Stock notification options: notify site owner or unpublish product when stock runs out
    • Google Analytics ecommerce integation
  • Over 80 enhancements and bug fixes
What About Gold Cart?

We are very excited about upcoming Gold Cart releases. A minor release will accompany the first public release of 3.8.9 to make Gold Cart compatible, and one major change included will be that we had ALL of Gold Cart made ready for translation. That’s right, now you can translate all of Gold Cart, along with all of WP e-Commerce. If you want to help translate WP e-Commerce or Gold Cart, do so here.

Who Should Try the Beta

Developers! If you’re a user, we’d prefer you wait a few days to test 3.8.9 unless you’re comfortable rolling back a site on your own- unfortunately we do not offer support for users trying to roll back their site.Obviously, if you’re a dev you already know to backup your site first, only install 3.8.9 in a test environment and not a live site, and to give us feedback!  Devs in our network will get credit for testing and giving us feedback on this release, so if you’re not registered already, do so now. We’re really quite proud of all the work that’s gone into 3.8.9 and hope you’ll be excited as well.

Developers, download and start testing now!

Before attempting the upgrade to 3.8.9-beta, make sure you have a handy backup of your existing database and files. If you don’t know how, BackupBuddy will be your best friend.

Simply click the link below and upload it to your wp-content/plugins folder. If you already have a wp-e-commerce folder there, overwrite it completely with this beta package. Then sign into your admin area, you’ll be prompted to continue the database upgrade there.

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I got a question regarding multisites..
We all know that this plugin works with multisites as per blog bases.
Is any improvements for multisite on the roadmap?
Things like automatic activation?


Hi Davys,

Justin gives a good answer on the technical side. It is unlikely that we will expand MS functionality in the core product because our goal is to make the core plugin exceptionally light and remove the features that are specific to smaller groups of users to add ons, whether they are free or premium. From a product side, we are planning in some MS features for Gold Cart, in addition to special pricing and affiliate programs. I’d love to hear more about what you’d like to see for MS features. Feel free to comment.


I just want to congratulate the entire WP e-Commerce Plugin team – awesome job team. WPEC is just getting better and better with every release!!!

Hi Davys,

Justin here, a core WPeC dev.

We don’t have anything major on the roadmap for Multi-Site (to my knowledge). The great thing about WPeC is the sheer amount of native WP API it uses – so for the most part, it should “just work” with multi-site.

I know nearly all my test sites are using multi-site instances, and WPeC works fine.

As far as any other improvements go, we’d love to hear your suggestions for them! The plugin market is ripe with opportunity specifically in this regard. In regard to what you’ve mentioned specifically – I’m not sure what you mean by “Automatic activation” – when you Network Activate a plugin and a new site is added, the plugin will show up there, automatically. Is that what you mean?

Now, that’s not to say there aren’t some niggles with the multi-site system. Given our usage of custom tables for some things, there are potentially some areas we could grow in with regards to ensuring multi-site works flawlessly. If you happen to be testing, we’d love to hear any issues you’re running in to.

Finally – we did switch all of our $_SESSION usage to a special usermeta / cookie system in the 3.8.9 release. That should make some server configurations behave better, as well as multi-site when used with sub-directories. That’s the only real change in this release that might have any ramifications for multi-site. Learn more about that change here – http://code.google.com/p/wp-e-commerce/issues/detail?id=437

Thanks for commenting!

Also – thinking more about your comment – depending on what you’re actually wanting, ‘wpmu_new_blog’ might be a good place to hook in. That’s something we could actually potentially consider for core – who knows.

I currently use WPEC in Multisite. Men is specifically for me to run and control and maintain multiple customer websites easily.

Everything do far works fine.

My only request for a MU feature, that may not even need to be a MU only feature, is Split Paypal payments. There is a way with PayPal to have a certain percentage or dollar value out of a transaction go to 1 account while the rest goes to another account.

As an example for usage is what I want to do with it. I am hoping that depending on the customer, I may be able to offer a greatly discounted ecommerce site in return for a percentage of their sales, that as a network admin I control.

Hmm. I don’t know that would be a MS offering, but it might make an awfully interesting plugin of its own. Its pretty specialized….

It would be specialized in that we haven’t gotten any other requests for it. We base our feature roadmap and plugin roadmap off of volume of requests…. it would make it hard to justify this one.

Just because it’s not requested, doesn’t mean it’s not wanted. I personally know of several colleagues and some clients that would love to have this feature. Instead of requesting it on the whim that it will be built they simply searched for carts that do support it such as Marketplace. Also I figured that seeing there is already strong support for Paypal payments, that there would be an effort to support more Paypal payment types.

Personally I would love to try building the payment module, but I have never coded a plugin before (though do know php) and cannot find any good docs to help me get started.

Hey Justin,
Thanks for your reply.
What I meant was automatic activation as soon as you create a blog or even if the network activation would work fine for me.
My struggle right now is with the multisites are 2.
The first one is that I have to do per blog activation. I tried using multisite plugin manager, but had some issues with it, it was breaking the WordPress code when creating a new blog. So I went back to blog bases.
The other problem I have with WPeC is with domain mapping plugin.
Any time I have a domain mapped for a blog, the ckeckout page will not work right.
If you try to empty the cart, the screen will flash but nothing happens and if you try to change the quantity of product same thing..screen loads up but nothing changes.
Had premium support to look at it..But it did not go anywhere.

Any ideas?

Thanks for everyone`s input.

One quick follow up here. The problem with the checkout page not working fine may be 2 different problems here. I don`t know if it is a WPeC problem with multisites or the domain mapping plugin.
Since you mention some changes with sessions I am hopping that this may go away.
You guys have a great product..But as far as multisites, it needs a little fine tuning.
I am sure I am not the only one with hopes of some improvement for multisites.

Thanks again

Hi guys,

One thing I have found with MS (Justin you maybe able to confrim) is that the WPEC plugin must be activated on a per site basis, not via the network admin. Activating the plugin via the network admin causes some of the tables to be created incorrectly.

Justin you can probably confirm as you use multisite but I just wanted to throw it out there as a problem I have seen before.


Amanda here again.

I would be very interested to know if there are MS specific things you would like to see….. could be something for us to look at.

I updated to current beta version.

I still have the error clicking fast-edit button in products-list:
Fatal error: Cannot unset string offsets in /…/wp-content/plugins/wp-e-commerce/wpsc-admin/includes/display-items-functions.php on line 1126
(I have WPML plugin activated)

Also the upgrade DB function is not working, when I click on “Click here to start!” to update the database, I’m redirected to profile.php page and the update alarm is still there forever, so maybe it’s not updating.

Hi Elan,

Regarding the fatal error, does it still happen when you deactivate the WPML plugin? I can’t reproduce this issue on all my test installations, so there must be some issue particular to your installation. A screenshot would be quite helpful

Regarding the second issue, I believe it should be fixed by the latest revision (see the update note on this same announcement post). I can’t reproduce this one on my test installations as well.


Congrats on the beta. Any chance you could sync your github mirror? I understand your primary is Google’s SVN, but periodic syncs would be awesome. Ideally this would be automated (daily?), but I’d take a sync per release (monthly+?).
Cheers 🙂

Hi ace_dent,

Yes, we’re looking into automating the whole process. Eventually we would move all of our development and issue tracker to Github. But a lot of things have to be cleaned up before that can happen, which could take some time 🙂

The github repo has been synced. Try checking out the latest branch 3.8 there and you’ll have 3.8.9-beta’s latest revision.


Excellent- many thanks! For my needs, if it’s synced monthly that allows me to avoid fiddling with git-svn subproject’s… Cheers. 🙂

@Gary Cao:

1°: I opened a thread here if you want to discuss it:

2°: Deactivating WPML make the error disappear, however we need to find a solution otherwise we can’y say WPEC is WPML ready 😉

3°: So I want to help you to find the problem, cause this is a website under construction and I need to fix this at all costs.
I can share phpmyadmin dump, or admin access to the website.

Here is the image you asked for:

Hi Elan42,

Thanks for getting back with more details!

So, there’s some sort of incompatibility between WPML and WPEC here. It could also mean that WPML is not WPEC-ready 😉 Did you have their glue plugin installed as well? Try this and see if it fixes your issue:

In the mean time, we’ll do some tests with WPML and see whether this needs to be fixed on our side or WPML’s side.


Oh … I didn’t see that special plugins …

I installed them and they work as before, I have a new error:
Fatal error: Cannot unset string offsets in /…/wp-content/plugins/wp-e-commerce/wpsc-admin/includes/display-items-functions.php on line 1198

options-general.php?page=wpsc-settings gives blank page, I cannot fix the website anymore, even deactivating and re-activating wpec.

Is there a php script to reset all WPEC options, so I can start again from zero and report you if this plugins are working or if you should immediately remove them from your website ?

This code seems a little unstable to me,
but maybe existing options created conflicts.

Hi Elan42,

Please try deactivating the WPML glue plugin and try again. I don’t think there’s any issue with the options themselves, just that there must have been some fatal error triggered in that Settings page. If this only happens after you install and activate the WPML glue plugin, you need to disable that plugin and contact WPML about the issue.

I included the fix for the Fatal errors you’ve been having in display-items-functions.php in the upcoming updated revision of the beta. The link to that package will be updated shortly.


Is the preorder or backorder funcion planed for any new versions. Do you have any news about it?

Thanks in advance, Dénes Hidvégi

Hello Amanda, Michelle and Justin.
Sorry it took me a little longer to respond to ideas for Multisite features.
To me a must have would be network activation, that way the users would not have to worry about it and it would also make it easier on the network administrator. Right now if you try to do network activation, some of the tables do not get created.
Another way to make it really cool feature would be option to create packages: for example I as Super Admin can create silver package that allows users to add up to 50 products, gold packages would be 100 and so on. Off course giving the owner of the network, the flexibilities to customize each package according to their needs.
Last one feature I think could be really nice is more stats, reports per dates, last month, all the time, per products, and also graphics to help with the visual.
But, I would say that for me, the activation is probably the must have feature for Multisite.
I know that is not as much demand for multisite features compared to a standalone install, but the market is growing and so is the Multisite community, so that may be some to think about.

Thanks for giving me the opportunity to give some input in this matter, and I hope you guys will work on some of the multisite features. At least a little bit… 🙂


I think there’s probably a small market for it and it might be worth it for us to explore a MS plugin to compliment our new affiliate program for MS (with Gold Cart). I’m going to throw it into the hat and explore a bit further, but its on our idea plate, ok?


I’m still having all kinds of trouble with the coupons. I have two codes, both of them dependent on item_name contains.

Website: http://www.grassfedexchange.com/grassfed-exchange-tickets

Cap of my settings: http://easycaptures.com/fs/uploaded/638/3428391487.png

The second one, “preregistration” is working perfectly. The first, “special” with all those conditionals, is not. No matter how many times we delete it and start all over again, it just doesn’t want to work. Entering the “special” code at the checkout makes no difference, it just seems to ignore it.

I moved to the beta in hopes that this would be fixed, but I don’t see any change in how it’s working for me. Any idea what’s going on?

Hi LadyCourage,

I’m Gary, lead dev of WPEC.

We’re currently not supporting the “OR” relationship between conditions yet. So any condition you add to the coupon will be combined altogether (“AND” relationships).

So your first coupon’s conditions will be evaluated as:
The coupon is valid only if item name contains “Pasture” AND “Booth” AND “Walks” etc.

There’s one way to work around this, but it’s not an official documented feature, so I want you to try this out and let me know if this works for your case.

Instead of multiple conditions, just add one “item name contains” condition with the following value (exactly as it is below):

Basically, you need to separate the strings you want in the condition with the “|” character (without quotes), and wrap the whole value with a pair of parentheses (like the example above). This is because the “item name contains” condition accepts regular expression (more about it here: http://www.regular-expressions.info/).

Please let me know if this works for you!


p.s. suggestion: if things are going on like that, WPEC compatibility tests will be abandoned by WPML developers … that talks only about WooCommerce in their mailing lists.

I invested money in WPEC themes and extra plugins (like Gold Cart) and I would like things to go better.

Hi Elan42,

We’ll release a package which fixes this for you. Let me assure you that this is not a bug on our end. It’s some quirks that happen when WPML is enabled and used with WPEC. We’re simply trying to adjust to our users as best as we can.

Compatibility is a two-way street. If WPML doesn’t want to work with us, that’s their decision. We’re always open to suggestions and more than happy to make other plugins compatible with us.

If ultimately, you can’t make WPML work with WPEC, you should find another translation plugin. We’ve heard good things from users about qTranslate (which we have been actively ensuring compatibility with as soon as feedback comes up).


I know things are two-way, but I don’t want this situation to get worse, you all need to understand that fix this is very important for the future of both your plugins.

Sorry to say to you that WPML is the best and only complete Multilanguage Plugin for WordPress, so if I’m not going to fix this I’m changing the e-commerce.

About my problem, it’s ok for me to have less functions or unabled features, I just want the fatal php errors to get away so I can populate the database and put products inside the website.

I don’t use translations for products, I just use the WPML function called “duplicate content” for all languages, so I just see the product in the website with the other languages, equal as the default language.

I’m getting errors with this procedure:

1 activate plugins: WP e-Commerce, WP e-Commerce Multilingual 0.2, WPML Multilingual CMS 2.6.0, Gold Cart for WP e-Commerce 2.9.7.

2 create clean new product adding it to a category, setting product name and writing bla bla bla on the content. NO IMAGES/MEDIA inserted.

3 adding variations to product without editing any other information

4 saving/PUBLISHING the product

5 adding product duplicated translations

going on quick-edit function on that product, generates the error: Fatal error: Cannot unset string offsets in /…/wp-content/plugins/wp-e-commerce/wpsc-admin/includes/display-items-functions.php on line 1191
going on edit inside the product and updating generates an endless php loop that results in a blank page with the error: Fatal error: Maximum execution time of 30 seconds exceeded in /…/wp-includes/taxonomy.php on line 1183

Without point 5 there is no problem, but the website in the other languages DON’T display the products that are not translated, of course.


I think its clear that we understand the problem and are relating that this is not a problem on our end but on the end of WPML. We all have favorite plugins that we use and while ideally they would all work together (and if they use the right coding standards they should, which we do) but that’s often not realistic. When two plugins conflict, you have to choose which one means more to you. You’ve clearly chosen WPML because multi language support is more important than the store aspect- and that choice will be different for everyone. We’d love to make everyone happy, but with a million or more users, we’re just unable to do so. I sometimes talk about conflicting plugins in terms of ships passing in the water- the smaller ship always yields for the bigger one. We would be very, very sorry to lose you.


I’m sorry but this is not correct.

WPML is the only really working translation plugin.
WPEC is good, but it’s not the only working e-commerce plugin.

It was your interest to do this before adding new functionalities.

I had a dream about plugin compatibility … I think you are taking this with the wrong mood.

As our lead dev, Gary intimated, we have many users who use Q Translate. Again, while we’d love to make WPEC compatible with every plugin, we can’t fix another plugin’s coding… we’ve contacted WPML in the past. We would hate to lose you or other WPML users, but I’m not sure what else we can do at this juncture. If you have suggestions, please let me know.

The suggestion is always the same,
talk with each other,
it’s YOUR interest.

Contact Amir on WPML forum,
he want to fix this but he needs your collaboration.

I have personally written the WPML developers, I have tried tweeting at them, multiple times with no response. I certainly hope that you are as forceful with them as you are with us.


Hi! I have two questions:
1. Is WPEC compatible with WP Super Cache?
2. The breadcrumbs from the Shop page http://tinyurl.com/cweqaxr are generated by WPEC? When entering a category page it has this format: hometitle – category name – category name – name of first product from page, instead of hometitle – shop page – category name. The URL is good but the text label is wrong.

Hi Dean,

I’m Gary, lead dev of WPEC.

1. WPEC is compatible with WP Super Cache. We haven’t got any bug reports from WP Super Cache for a while.

2. This is likely a theme issue. Please switch to Twenty Eleven or Twenty Ten and confirm whether this issue persists. Also, are you using WPEC 3.8.9-beta?


You are right, after switching to Twenty Eleven I see that Product Page doesn’t have breadcrumbs.. only the Single Product Page and there they look fine.

– Well, I thought I was using WPEC 3.8.9-beta but after switching to Twenty Eleven a warning message appeared to me saying that I should upgrade my database in order to use WPEC. In my theme the message was hidden for some reason. After clicking on the link to start upgrade database and then switching back to my Theme I saw that the Single Product Page was broken and I restored a previous backup.

Now, I see that with my original theme activated, the link to upgrade database appears as a menu in dashboard. I pressed the “Start upgrade” button to see if the same thing happens having my theme activated, not Twenty Eleven.. everything works well.. Single Product Page is fine.

So it’s not a good idea to upgrade the database using one theme (Twenty Eleven) and then switch to other theme.

Oh, also my problem with similar products having price 0$ in a product page that has variations is fixed by WPEC 3.8.9-beta.

found some bugs on the lightbox-Thickbox:
– it duplicates the image you click to start the lightbox view of the images;
– the thumbnails (additional images) from the left are breaking the lightbox layout if they are many (ex. 5).. they are not going on two rows or anything.. they just get in a single, really long, row.

Can we get a list of actions and filters that have been removed in 3.8.9, I hoped we’d be providing deprecated support for some time prior to nuking common hooks/filters. e.g. ‘wpsc_email_message’.

my website loads very slow when a visitor enters the site for the first time, and after some tests I suspect the
to cause the delay, wich sometimes loads in 27s. Is there something I can do for it to load faster?

if anyone else experience this problem use a cache plugin.. it’s absolutely magical.

Hi Dean,

Michelle here from WPEC, thanks for this feedback I will ensure Gary has a look at your comment – can you confirm you’re having these issues using the latest 3.8.9?

I take back what I said about the cache plug-in. Using a cache plug-in will reset the shopping cart items to 0 every time the user gets a cached page. The items in the shopping cart are only displayed when the user visits his checkout page.. I don’t recommend using cache plug-in, it gets really confusing for your visitors !

Frature request. Need the ability to easily modify the Purchase Report subject line. For example, adding the Purchase number in the subject so when emails are received in say Gmail, they don’t stack .


Hi TJ,

Just taken a look at the code as I was 90% sure we already had a filter around email subject. Turns out I was wrong, the transaction results has been refactored for the 3.8.9 release emails was one of these things so I am going to check with Gary our lead dev and see if there is a filter already included in that release for you.


the price range widget doesn’t seem to work correctly: I have a product that costs 5.00 and it appears in 10.00-49.00 interval. In Under 10.00 doesn’t appear.


I have just updated to 3.8.9 (and updated the database). However, it is not working. The issue is that whenever the cart is refreshed, it is cleared. I.e. it is cleared, when going to checkout, any other page (looking at cart widget), or adding a new product. It shows, that the product is added, but as soon as I add another one, the previous one is deleted. I’m going back to 3.8.5, this bug seriously needs fixing.

On a slightly different note, in 3.8.5, when checking out through test gateway, customer ALWAYS gets a “transaction failed” message, although the back end considers the purchase a success. This is the reason I decided to try 3.8.9 rc1, but as said: it doesn’t work at all.

Tested on Chrome, I’ve got custom theme (all changes in theme folder, I’m not touching core of course).


I am having some problems with translations. I’ve recently installed a newer version of my theme. When I’ve deleted the old one there were some texts left untranslated, text like “Visit our shop”, “Continue Shopping”, “Description, Additional Description” and maybe others. I have them translated in the .po file with others that appear just fine, but these ones still appear in EN.. is there something I can do?

After I’ve deleted the old version of the theme I did a theme cache flush in order for it to work. Is there something I can do for all translations to work? I’ve tried moving the template files but with no luck.

after a closing inspection it turns out that the files that can be moved from wpsc into the theme were already customized by the theme designer and maybe that’s why the translations aren’t working.

Sorry for writing all these here, but maybe there will be others who have the same problem and they can just read instead of investigate the problem.

Upgraded to latest WPEC 14.4 getting this error on checkout page:
Warning: call_user_func_array() expects parameter 1 to be a valid callback, function ‘wpsc_google_checkout_page’ not found or invalid function name in /home/asgga0/public_html/wp-includes/plugin.php on line 505

Please help – have big sale day tomorrow

I would recommend updating your active theme folders – it’s likely that your wpsc_cart_widget.php file is still calling the google checkout function.

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